Are You Being Rejected By Your Group Of Friends? Perhaps This May Be The Reason

If your friends have started rejecting you from one moment to the next, these may be some of the reasons.

Every time we point a finger at someone, there are 3 other fingers pointing at us, which is why it is so important to be able to self-analyze so as not to make the same mistakes that we so detest others making.

So pay attention to some behaviors that can lead others to isolate you or even mark you as someone unpleasant to share:


Yes, we all know that our laughter should be moderate to the situation we are facing. It is not the same to laugh out loud at a family celebration as it is during a business meeting.


I do not know anyone who does not make a joke from time to time, but doing them at the right moment and with whom we have some complicity is key to not falling badly within the social circle that surrounds you.

This also includes the irony, not everyone has that acid sense of humor that many brag about as something “superior”, so watch out for that.


As we mature, our vocabulary expands and adapts to the circumstances. So please measure the words you are using with your friends and in your work, as they are scenarios that have nothing in common. It is not the same to talk with your direct boss as with a childhood friend, where idioms and sayings can be used without any problem.

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We all have some very funny anecdotes to tell to the rest of the friends we have, but it is very important not to become monotonous and always try to be the only one to speak. As entertaining as the story is, you need to summarize the episodes so you don’t get bored by others.


We all get good jokes on social media, but being the one who is always forwarding them can be annoying for those who have you as a contact. Avoid forwarding ALL of them and especially late at night.


There are few occasions when people have started sharing stories without verifying if they are real cases or not. What begins to generate collective panic, excessive fear and anxious states difficult to control.


Being the friend who shares good information on offers, places and landscapes can be very pleasant for the rest, but many make the mistake of transmitting EVERYTHING they do. From preparing their breakfast, the paperwork they do during the day, office work, going home and even the pajamas they will put on to sleep. Please don’t do it, not only is it unpleasant but it is also potentially dangerous, we never know the extent that our posts can have on different platforms and crime is never long in coming.

Now that you know what are the most common things that annoy others, please modify your attitude, before they begin to isolate you from the group of friends you frequent.

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