Are You A Busy Mother And Wife? Find Here 5 Ways To Relax And Renew Yourself

Women and mothers never have much time for themselves. Find here 5 activities that will renew you and help you free yourself from daily stress.

On one occasion I heard my father tell my mother a great truth: “The most important thing for the children is that the mother takes care of herself, if you are well, they will be well.” I know he was – and is – very right about it.

Think about it a bit: if you get sick, even slightly, who will take care of your children? You can say that your husband and insurance should do it when he gets home from work, but what about before? Maybe your mother, one of your sisters or maybe a neighbor will help you a few times, but you cannot always depend on the time of others as much as they may have to help you.

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It is not only who will take care of your little ones when you get sick, it is that if you are stressed, with problems and tired to the point that you get to take all that burden with your children, the truth is that there is no regret that is worth.

Therefore, before one of two occurs: that you get sick or that your children are victims of your emotional pressure, it is best to prevent it from happening. And for this you only have to have 15 minutes a day or a little more time for one of the 5 activities that I will expose below. Get to work!

1. Relax!

What can you do in just 10 minutes? Just sit back and free yourself for a while from the constant thoughts that involve housework and child or husband things. If you can, lie down for a while, close your eyes and take a deep breath, becoming aware of every part of your body.

If you like, you can increase the bet: become aware of everything you do, eating, breathing, walking and everything you think and feel. By becoming aware of each act you will be more aware of what is happening with you and around you. You will see how, by taking care of yourself in small doses, you will be happier with yourself, in your home and with yours.

2. A little activity that clears the mind

What can be done in 15 minutes to take the stress out of you? Read an article in a magazine, paint your nails, go for a walk in the park, knit, write in your journal, have a scented drink or whatever. Just hang out with you and enjoy doing nothing.

3. Give yourself beauty time

Being a woman, mother and wife are valuable reasons to look beautiful, for the simple fact of doing so. Perhaps you can take a relaxing shower that includes a face mask and a bit more. It all depends on what you want to do to take care of yourself and feel beautiful.

4. Do you have a little more time?

You can meet friends to go to the movies, or alone, there is no reason not to. Maybe you can read that book that you left abandoned due to lack of time. The point is that you take advantage of those precious moments that rarely present themselves to a full-time mother and wife.

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5. And why not with the children?

If you are one of those mothers who can keep the peace even with their children at home, then do something with them. Read a book, go for ice cream, fix the garden together, or play with puzzles. Whatever entertains you and helps you have a good time.

As you can see, taking care of yourself does not require much sacrifice of time or money, if that is what worries you. You can always include things of your own interest on the list that give you time to be happy with yourself and you will see how everyone at home benefits.

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