Anxiety Attacks, Familiarize Yourself With The Term, And Deal With It

Anxiety attacks are a physical discomfort that has its origin in a psychological situation. Our body feels threatened without there being an explicit reason for the discomfort. You identify?

About five months ago I made one of those decisions that mark you, which are a before and after in your life. I had been thinking about the idea for quite some time, in fact I must say at least a couple of years. And when the day finally came, or rather in the days after that big day, I was sitting down and suddenly I felt a suffocation similar to what I think a fish out of water must feel.

Obviously I’m not a fish, but seeing them gasp like I think we all have, gives us a pretty good idea of ​​what it’s about. In addition to the fact that that was indeed what happened to me, that I felt that no air was passing into my lungs. When a relative saw me, what he told me was that I was having an anxiety attack. Up to that point the only place I had heard them mentioned was in the “The Sopranos” series, where the main character regularly experienced them.

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Anxiety attacks are a physical discomfort that has its origin in a psychological situation. Our body feels threatened without there being an explicit reason for the discomfort. Excessive stress that we cannot channel, having to “swallow” suffering, remaining unchanged when everything around us seems to be falling, worries about all that we think depends on us is the breeding ground for these attacks.

Types of anxiety

Anxiety as a feeling

It takes place when we have problems, when our mind is occupied with past events such as memories, or simply thoughts that cause us this feeling, but which has the peculiarity that they come from within us.

Anxiety as a symptom

It is rather the nervousness of when we believe that something is going to happen, it may be to present some evidence, having to do something for which we do not feel safe, they are good examples to explain the anxiety symptoms that we later experience.

Anxiety syndrome

It is when you already have a clinical picture, that is, you undoubtedly suffer all the effects that anxiety attacks cause. Fainting, chest tightness, nausea, tachycardia, tremors, sweating, diarrhea, lump in the throat, irritability, blank mind, difficulty sleeping, among other manifestations.

Anxiety as a disease

For example, people who suffer from social phobia or obsessive compulsive disorder. This implies that there is already a diagnosis about who suffers it, and that therefore also has a treatment to face it, be it medication, therapy or both.

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Alternatives for dealing with anxiety attacks without the need for medical treatment

  • Having a pet, animals have the benefit that they are able to help us reduce stress.

  • Perform relaxation exercises to control our body and also our emotions.

  • Talking about what worries us, telling our problems is always a good way to lose fear of them.

  • Identifying the trigger is important to avoid exposure to it, or learn to deal with it.

  • Exercising in general can be in a gym or outdoor activities work too.

  • Accept the panic attack and wait for it to pass, convince yourself that it will soon pass and that you are not in danger.

  • Breathing through your nose slowly, you can count yourself to four when inhaling and also when exhaling.

Although it is not in our hands to decide which diseases we want to suffer and which we do not, no one said that we have to resign ourselves to suffering indefinitely. Take control and control anxiety attacks, you can!

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