Anticipating Christmas Decorations Makes You A Happier Person, Experts Say

According to a study, if you are one of those who cannot wait for December to decorate for Christmas, then you take life with great joy.

For many, Christmas is a happy time of the year where the main axis is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as a family; although for others they are also times of recollection and nostalgia. 

Undoubtedly, it is also a special date to marvel at the decorations in the streets, houses, buildings and shopping centers. Households dress up, and each table does not lack that special ornamentation that is prepared with such dedication each year. And if you like decorating for Christmas, science has good news for you.

A month earlier, in my family we are already thinking about what we are going to put on the table, in our window and on our Christmas tree. And apparently, that anxiety that floods us is a good sign, since psychologists say that decorating your house before December makes you a happier person.

The magic of Christmas

According to a studypublished in the Journal of Environmental Psychology people who put up Christmas decorations before December are happier. It is a quite radical phrase, but a team of psychologists came to that conclusion, who say thatChristmas decorations have a strong positive impact in people.

According to psychoanalyst Steve McKeown,  «In a world of stress and anxiety, people like to associate with things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of childhood«.

Christmas has that special magic that is contagious. Decorating our home makes us happier without a doubt, because it reveals the joy that we carry in our hearts for such a significant date for those of us who believe in Jesus.

Cohesion with neighbors

The study also says that those who decorate their houses before the arrival of the Christmas They manifest a spirit of friendship and cohesion with their neighbors, in addition to being more accessible to those who need it.

In Argentina we set up the Christmas tree and began to decorate the houses on December 8, the day that the immaculate conception of Mary is celebrated. And in many stores the Christmas spirit has already been breathed since November.

Seize the enthusiasm

In a troubled world, where we run races everywhere, it is good that we take advantage of that enthusiasm and joy that the Christmas and festive seasons bring us and infect everyone.

Decorate your window, the front door of your house, your garden and the trees on your block. It will undoubtedly make you happier, as it is a phase of the year where we are celebrating, awaiting the birth of the baby Jesus.

If you want to be happy, celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a very special date that brings back memories of our childhood. When you assemble the tree, when you place the star on the top, or when you carefully choose each ornament, you are remembering those emotional moments with the family.

And although for many of us it evokes a deep sadness for those who are no longer there, we must look forward and continue celebrating with the enthusiasm of our inner child, to spread that joy to the smallest of the family.

Decorate your house, yes; but also don’t forget why we all gather around a table on Christmas Eve. Teach your children the value ofFamily junction and to remember such a special date for Christians and for humanity.

The best gift is to see your family reunited

A few years ago I lost my father, and the Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations were never the same again. However, today I have my own family, and my children need to see thatChristmas is a great time to choose to feel happy and give thanks for all that we have learned and received in the year.

Therefore, it does not matter if you do not have the best ornamentation, or that your tree is missing some ornaments, (or that they are the same as last year). The best decoration for your table is your family reunited. And if they can’t all be there, at least rejoice in having them in your heart.

It’s not about opening gifts, it’s about opening your heart

In recent decades, consumerism has increased, causing Christmas to lose a bit of its magical tradition. People focus on the gifts or what to wear. Family spending skyrockets and the hub of the real party is blurred.

Giving us is nice. Seeing your children with the illusion on their faces is even more so. But it is not just about opening gifts but about opening our hearts to the other.The true Christmas is in our hearts, with the rebirth of Jesus.

Let’s make this date a special holiday, to find that inner peace that allows us to bring light and hope to others, in times when the entire society needs them.

And don’t forget to decorate your home with the most beautiful Christmas decorations!

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