Anti-valentine’s Day And Their 5 Most Common Excuses For Not Celebrating The Day Of Love

Do you celebrate the day of love? If you don’t do it for one of these excuses, it may convince you to start doing it this year.

We all know a “grinch” from Valentine’s Day. That person who has a fully prepared debate to explain to you with precision and in great detail why they choose not to be part of the celebration of the day of love every February 14.

Assuming that you do celebrate this date, if the person who does not celebrate is not in your immediate circle, all you do is listen to their comments and move on with your life, but what do you do when the one who decides not to celebrate the day of love is someone you love

On the other hand, maybe it is you who decided not to participate on this date for some reason or another. If that is the case, analyze if your reason is in these 4 excuses and perhaps you will reconsider your position.

“It’s a business date”

Many people refuse to celebrate the Day of Love with the excuse that it is only a commercial trap to make us spend money. First of all, if you want to show love, with a little creativity, you can do it perfectly without spending a penny. But you shouldn’t see buying gifts on this day as a negative either.

It is true, businesses greatly increase their income on these dates, but this is not a bad thing. Look around you, absolutely everything is based on trade. Look at all the facilities that you have in your city thanks to local commerce and businesses. These create jobs, give you the facility to meet your needs and so on. It doesn’t hurt to support him.

A good way to make sure your purchases for this day go directly into your city’s economy is to buy your gifts at local or family-operated businesses. I assure you that these small businesses depend a lot on income on these special dates to survive.

“I don’t have a boyfriend (a)”

Single people are the ones who choose the most to be anti-love day, since they think that if they do not have a partner they cannot or want to celebrate it.

But if it is the day of love, why not celebrate it with all the people you love in your life? You surely love your family, your friends and so on. Do not close to participate in the date. Give love and you will receive love!

And if you want a partner, surely you will be able to attract her more easily by not closing your mind to love.

“I don’t celebrate saints”

If true, the day of love is also known as Valentine’s Day, inspired by the designation of Valentine as the patron saint of lovers in the Catholic Church. If you explore the history of the date further, you will find that it originates from ancient Rome as a tradition of fertility in women.

But today, the reality is that we do not celebrate a specific saint, nor do we participate in ancient customs. What’s more, most people don’t even know such stories. You don’t need to be Catholic or have descendants in ancient Rome, because they are honestly not the focus of the date anymore.

In our times, we celebrate the day of love with the sole and only reason to show our love to our loved ones. And we all know that now more than ever, the world urgently needs more love!

«I love you every day, I don’t need to show it today»

Obviously if you love someone you don’t do it exclusively on that day, but that is not a valid excuse for not celebrating the date.

Unfortunately this excuse is used mostly by many married men. If you are one of them let me give you some advice. Your wife knows that you love her every day, just as she loves you just the same. But this is Valentine’s Day, just as you celebrate your birthday or other special dates, why not take a day to celebrate the love that brought you together in marriage?

Especially since this date the only thing that requires is a small detail, which remembers and validates the feeling they share.

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