Another Reason Not To Publish Your Life On Social Networks

The story of two people who, for posting an event on social networks, had a bad time

It might seem like a campaign against it, but it is not; however, I want to talk to you again about the dangers to which we expose ourselves of not using social networks properly.

Surfing the internet and having a presence on social networks does not only mean uploading photos or sharing updates, the issue goes further; It is necessary to understand how they work and be fully aware that the person from whom we least expect it, can see our information.

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Of course, you have the option to adjust privacy controls and other possibilities, but you have to remember the most important premise: “If it is truly private, do not share it.”

Thus, we must take into account the (bad) example of Becky Szenk and her boyfriend Mark Higgins, a couple completely excited about the new step they would take in their lives: their work was bringing them a good income and then it was presented to them the possibility of buying a house.

Becky did something like a personal diary, constantly posting the objects she kept in boxes, writing down the date and even the exact time of when they would move.

It turned out then that, without knowing for sure by some contact of the contact of the contact of the friend’s contact, the message got into the wrong eyes. On the day of the move, a truck showed up, the “workers” entered the house and began to carry everything, including Becky and Mark helped them: they put televisions, the refrigerator, the stove, the living room, the computers, everything.

When the house was empty, Mark and Becky started cleaning to give the property to the owner; however, her surprise was capitalized when the moving truck arrived at that moment! The same? No, it was the real moving truck they had hired!

The couple did not know what had happened until, minutes later, they understood the situation: they had been robbed, and they themselves had helped in the robbery! As a way of learning and to try to get no one else to do something similar, Becky and Mark shared the photos of their robbed home on Facebook.

What can we learn from this situation?

  • Do not share your important activities or in which you expose your safety.

  • Do not give signs or references of the places where you are.

  • Always check who you share your messages with; Facebook, for example, allows you to edit the scope of the post and limit the contacts.

  • Organize big events well, it’s amazing that Mark and Becky weren’t surprised by the time the fake move arrived.

The example of this couple should help us understand, once and for all, that unscrupulous people hide anywhere. The possibility of anonymity on the Internet played a trick on them and for this reason it was they themselves who made the work of the thieves easier.

Creating specific groups with trusted members can be an option when you want to report on a personal situation. Because it’s better to take all kinds of precautions than to end up the same, or worse, than Mark and Becky.

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