Another Mom Who Didn’t Set A Good Example For Her Son

In Argentina, a mother used violence to try to circumvent a rule that only sought to protect her teenage daughter.

Mother, father, these deliveries of mine are not intended to make you angry. Or well, yes. But the question is that you analyze if the attitudes and examples that you apply with your children can truly translate into creating good human beings.

And well, I don’t want to get into too much trouble, or as we say around here in Mexico, “in an eleven-rod shirt.” I understand —and that I have been a dad for very little— that mistakes will always be present, especially when it comes to teaching good lessons with bad examples. But when the lesson for the minor is frankly with the intention of violating some rule, or worse yet, committing vandalism, then we are all crazy if we do not accept a slap on the wrist.

And I’m not just talking. In a past installment I told you about the story where, without the slightest impudence or shame, a mother taught her daughter to steal. If you don’t remember or don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check the following text: The terrible example that this mother gave her daughter.

The bad example of a mother

Now, as if it were a horrendous second part or a negative streak that seems to become a fad, another mother with nefarious actions attacked again, and in what way!

It turns out that in Argentina, a film worker was quietly doing her work. There the film La Horca was being shown (something like a “Blair Witch”, that is, a documentary-non-documentary horror / suspense / where we all know what will happen). This film tells the story of some young theater students who will do a play again, which 20 years ago ended in a tragedy. The happy film was classified in Argentina suitable for those over 16 years old.

Although each parent can educate their children as they please, putting children to watch movies or series for older people, will somehow end up accommodating in their minds elements and messages that are not yet ready to size.

The latter, however, did not matter much to this mother who exploded in anger when her daughter and her friends – between 12 and 14 years of age – were not allowed to see La Gallows . Worse still: the ticket office had only asked them for identification, and the best response for this mother was to react as if it were Floyd Mayweather Jr., that is, with a clean punch.

That’s right, on top of the fact that the girls did not comply with a rule that would protect them, the mother chose to channel her anger by giving a tremendous blow to the saleswoman, who ended up with a broken nasal septum.

So watch out, dads! The example is the most effective form of teaching, and remember that it is not wise to give young people everything they ask for, and less if it involves giving a boxing role in the cinema.

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