And You? How Are You Going To Enjoy Your Golden Years?

Very little is said and written about old age. But it is not too much to accept old age from before to plan it well in advance. Preparing for old age is not a matter for tomorrow, but for today.

Old age is one of the stages that we fear the most. It comes sooner or later, and it is an age you never want to think about, you even deny yourself. “Old” is an adjective that today has only two connotations: “nuisance” and “useless.” However, our ancestors considered the old man as a wise man, since the accumulation of knowledge about life made him an extraordinary being, from which he could learn in all areas.

On the other hand, there is health that is so ignored in youth, but how it is yearned for years later. And the same happens with excesses that are later uncontrollable or are canceled out.

Today, being young is not at all synonymous with health due to various situations that did not exist before and that range from the type of food eaten, its quality, its quantity and habits, to entertainment, hobbies and physical activities. See how you can improve in these lines:

Out the lethargy

It is always necessary that you exercise with measure and according to your state of health. For this you have to go to a doctor who will carry out the corresponding studies and voila! Give yourself completely to exercise! Remember that the body if it is not used, it is spoiling faster. Muscle that is not used atrophies.

Let’s do it

There are social centers in which different activities are carried out according to the taste and ability of each one. They are places where you can go several hours a day, where you are going to entertain yourself, surely you learn and, in addition, you live with other people.

Meet the meeting centers

If your idea is to “become independent” from your family and live with people your own age, one option is asylum. In times past these places were considered as places where people took the elderly to get rid of them, where they had full assurance that they would be mistreated by annoying nurses and doctors fought with their lives. Now this has changed, because in these centers they are offered manual and physical activities, trips, walks and medical check-ups.


If your financial possibilities allow it, get ready to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. It is not necessary to have a lot of money, as there are cheap packages to travel in a group and to be able to visit beaches, cities, museums, caves, rivers, forests, towns, etc. Here the important thing is that you pamper yourself and enjoy yourself.

Enjoy your life at home

Now that if your desire was always to be able to enjoy your home, go ahead, do it! There is never a lack of something that can be done to the home: whether it is to fix a dream garden, remodel rooms or the living room, change the floor, paint the ceiling, clean the doors, modify the kitchen, and whatever your imagination allows you.

Maturity should not be synonymous with sadness, on the contrary, in the same way that you went through childhood, adolescence, youth and adulthood, seek to live your old age. It is clear that it depends on you how you want to go through it, but remember that just as you lived each stage there is no going back, do not regret what you do not do for fear of opening the last door, the one through which we are ALL going to go. This is the result of your efforts and at some point of your sacrifices, so live it one hundred percent!

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