An Unexpected Incident Changed The Life Of This Girl Possibly Forever

Love can come at the least expected time and place.

We will never know where we are going to find love, but the best thing is that it can come in the most unexpected way.

Yes, life sometimes surprises us and in a very pleasant way; and an example of this is the story that I will tell you below.

The love that was born in the heights

Rosey Blair and her boyfriend were flying back to their home in Dallas, United States, but were touched by separate chairs. She wanted to travel with her partner, so it seemed a good idea to propose to the girl who was coming with her boyfriend an exchange of seats. To convince her, Rosey said: “May the person who travels by your side be the love of your life”; however, Rosey never imagined what was going to happen.

She is Rosey with her partner Houston.

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The exchange took place and the journey began. To Rosey’s surprise, the girl with whom she made the change of chairs got on well with her now traveling companion as they began a lively conversation.

During the flight I passed a bit of everything among the new acquaintances: they talked about their diets, their jobs, from time to time they smiled, they showed each other pictures of their families and they never stopped chatting; furthermore, their arms brushed against each other without it being annoying to them.

But the really interesting thing is that Rosey documented everything that was happening with the couple through her Twitter account. It was thus that the indiscreet transmission of the recent friendship for which Rosey had been a little to blame, was followed by hundreds and thousands of people who did not want to miss the outcome of the story.

At the end of the trip, it happened that the couple got off the plane together and together they left the airport in what for Rosey seemed the beginning of a wonderful love story.

The real mystery about love

When we fall in love we do not control who we do it or how it happens, and in this regard rivers of ink have been written.

However, different areas of science attribute love both to a question of hormones as well as to mere impulses that lead us to fix our attention on someone nonspecific.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher exposes love as an impulse saying:

“Love is not an emotion, but an impulse, a physiological need for the human being”

Fisher explains that this “impulse” arises when the brain is flooded with phenylethylamine (a hormone), and that this in turn causes the body to release large amounts of different neurotransmitters such as dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin.

Basically what it explains is that everything that has to do with love we owe it to an explosion of hormones that control our brain, giving the sensation of nervousness, our heart speeds up and our stomach turns and wham! love is born.

Biologically this is true, but as much as saying that this is love is -in my competence- it is to reduce it to the minimum. The truth is, I would consider this more as the birth of the initial attraction that arises at the very moment of meeting someone, but it is that, simply attraction, that may or may not transcend and become love.

Stages of love

The real love is much more than hormonal revolution. Although no one can deny the physical symptoms that betray a person who is attracted to another or a lover; Certainly things do not remain only in the part of the physical reactions of the body because love evolves over the years.

We all know that there are relationships that are merely physical and do not go beyond the initial attraction. Still others do not transcend falling in love,  so as soon as the “charm” of that magic and the conglomeration of sensations that make you feel alive and that everything is worth it passes; Well, “love” ends.

The strongest loves are those that manage to PASS the stage of infatuation; Those loves that despite the fact that they have noticed an incredible amount of flaws in their partner, still love him with the deepest part of his being.

In that type of love, that physical contact is no longer urgent; if you don’t have it, you feel like dying, you just have to have that person by your side to know that you have someone to fight for and that life is certainly worth it.

Mature love

Unfortunately it is a type of LOVE that very few couples today achieve. To get to this point requires qualities such as perseverance, trust in the other, the ability to communicate effectively, understanding, respect, friendship, complicity, good spirit, among many others.

It requires perseverance because in love the tests are constant and whoever is not willing to risk everything for everything for his partner, simply does not love.

With trust in the other you go far because it is practically giving the keys to your heart to a person who could play with you at the least expected moment. If you trust that person it is because you have the certainty that they will not harm you.

After many years of union, the physical aspect is taking second place, and what strengthens the relationship each day is the ability to assertively say what you think and feel. Of course what you are looking for is NOT TO HURT WHO YOU LOVE.

Another aspect that prevails when you reach mature love is understanding , that ability to put yourself in the place of the other and thus understand what or how it feels.

The complicity and good spirits give that extra fun to the relationship, then allowed to project future despite all the problems that may confront.

This is what LOVE REALLY IS.

I don’t know if the couple in the story built an emotional relationship or not, but I can honestly tell you that there was attraction and this is the first step to seeing love born; I hope one day to know if they ended up together happily ever after, because YES YOU CAN.

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