An Infidelity Is Not Forgiven. Well Sometimes, Yes

Forgiving the unfaithful brings a lot of responsibility and pain. However, in many cases it has been achieved. Here I show you why and how it is worth trying to forgive.

We know that forgiveness is of the utmost importance; especially in the relationship. However, many of us think that forgiveness does not exist in a couple if some things are done (such as infidelity), it is simply and simply impossible. Even so, there are couples who find forgiveness and a way to get ahead. But it is important to understand that in these difficult situations forgiveness is not always possible or desired; Still, it is not our role to judge those who choose to forgive and recover what has been lost. An infidelity is not forgiven. Well, sometimes, yes.

Many times, after learning that a loved one has been unfaithful, our first reaction is anger and giving endless advice, which can be summarized in a single sentence: “Don’t even think about forgiving.” Still, there are cases where forgiveness has been found. Here are some reasons why this has been possible:

1. The error was admitted

From the beginning the action is admitted as a terrible mistake, and no excuses are made for the behavior, but the one who has failed takes responsibility for their mistakes (which includes being truly sorry) and does so knowing that this in itself It doesn’t fix things, but it does create a good beginning for it.

2. All necessary measures were taken to repair the damage

From the moment he admits himself, the one who has been unfaithful tries to do everything in his power to improve the situation: zero contact with the other person, understanding in the face of the partner’s paranoia, understanding that trust has been lost and that it is his job to win her back, not force intimate relationships, seek professional and spiritual help, and so on.

3. First of all, honesty

An essential part of why forgiveness has been achieved is because the infidel is honest in all his deeds. When being honest frequently and lies have no place in the relationship, the couple little by little begins to trust their partner again, and together they set about restoring that very important piece that is their relationship. Part of being honest is NEVER to repeat the mistake, since it is almost impossible to forgive when it is repeated over and over again – and if we are honest, when this happens it indicates that the couple never regretted the first offense.

4. The desire to stay with the family

Although this is not the case for all families, many wives decide to give the relationship a chance when there are children involved. Something a patient told me sums up this point well: «When there is even the slightest opportunity for my children to grow up in a family and have their father, and at the same time that she mends her life and I learn to forgive .. I have to mention that this decision has been made when the husband has made or is in the process of making the points already mentioned.

The decision to forgive the one who has cheated is not an easy decision and, above all, it is a personal one. Anyone who finds himself in this situation is important to reflect on his options, and whatever the decision may be, he must make it with conviction and certainty that it has been the best for himself and his family.

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