An Extra Class Assignment Reveals The Sufferings Of A 9-year-old Girl; You Will Never Imagine How Your Reality Can Affect A Child

The little girl in this story could be one of your children … don’t let them go through the same thing.

Every day, anywhere in the world there are hundreds of people who suffer their own ordeal, even you who are reading this article, it is very likely that you are going through a difficult situation that is putting all your internal strength to the test. For a small example, there is the case of this little girl and her sufferings at a young age.

The difficult life of a 9-year-old girl

Pastor DeAndre Brown runs an after school program in Memphis, Tennessee. One of the assignments he left was for his students to write about what he was thinking.

Responding to the assignment, a 9-year-old girl wrote that she hoped her mother’s van could be fixed, and that she wished she would not be shot. The student wrote that the night before there had been a shooting in the street where her house is, in addition to the above, the girl said she hoped to have a good education. Yet Pastor Brown was surprised that someone so small had to live in such fear.

Faced with these remarks, Pastor Brown wondered why someone so young should live in such fear. In addition to that, he asked the community where he works and lives through the social network Facebook to please stop the violence and live with respect.

Fortunately, the 9-year-old along with other little ones are building a prosperous future through the church’s lifeline to Success program and she is receiving comforting community support.

Is life so complex for all children?

Over the years, it has been believed that children live a very distant and different reality from that of adults, but have you ever thought that perhaps the opposite is true?

Just ask your child about what worries him and you will get a not too distant idea of ​​what he has in his head on a daily basis.

In this regard, I know the story of a girl who was not doing the best in school, she was supposed to be a happy and normal girl like all those who studied with her, but the truth was that there were many problems at home, her father she had abandoned them and her mother had to juggle every day to get by and she had no head for anything other than the daily complications they had to endure.

Of course, this depends a lot on each child, some live a normal and calm life despite the fact that their world falls around, but others do not and they realize everything and that affects them greatly, they even mature much faster than what that should.

Community support in children’s development

Fortunately, more and more local governments and religious entities are becoming aware of the children of the community and their needs, thus putting into action orientation programs that allow children to develop their intellectual and artistic capacities. Likewise, there are also medical and psychological counseling and support programs in primary schools to which infants are entitled and talk about whatever disturbs them in their young lives.

It is necessary to bear in mind that children absorb everything that surrounds them, good or bad, they are learning everything, so it is necessary to encourage them in a positive way so that these practices are the ones that have the greatest influence on children.

Extracurricular activities

Public libraries often have free weekend, vacation or after-school courses that allow children not only to have fun, amuse themselves , and relax, but also learn and help them forget the dilemmas of their little life.

Integrating it into the community where they live not only allows them a vision of the world outside the home, but also connects them with the reality that surrounds them and if it is in a positive way, much better.

There is no use hiding what is happening in your community from children, but speaking clearly, ensuring that they are in a harmonious environment and being there to listen to their fears and concerns will make the transition from childhood to puberty much easier.

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