An Excuse Is Worse And More Terrible Than A Lie

Excuses are dynamite in your mouth. Accept it, they destroy your aspirations and limit your progress. What happens around us is the fault of excuses.

We all have our food ever burned. It could be from distraction, the fire too high, or the spent Teflon. Be that as it may, someone near you spreads the plate, says they are hungry and nothing prevents you from telling the truth. However, you do whatever it takes to get out of the way, and you claim that you’ve been nervous, that your mother-in-law called on the phone, that the pot is very old …

Excuses are to blame for what happens to us

When the underwear pictures of the secretary fall to the floor, and you look at your husband, you know he is going to tell you that she is a crazy marriage breaker. When you discover that your youngest son is sneaking marijuana in her room and you walk in to greet her, you know she will tell you that incense smells funny. Excuses, excuses, wherever you look. We grow up hearing that they are to blame for everything that happens around us.

Children use them since they were little: “Woof, woof, bad, lullaby to the baby” should be interpreted as: “I ignored you, and the dog almost ate my hand. At school age, you are the one who says in front of him: “That teacher is a demanding one”, instead of assuming that your son does not study what he should. I don’t want my son to think that I don’t love him, so I consent to it. I can’t, it’s very risky. I lack energy. Maybe tomorrow I will, now I’m very tired. When I retire I will have time.

I recently read that before the age of ten we have all been exposed to a reservoir of ” memes ” (unit of information transmitted from person to person by imitation). According to experts, if a meme enters your mind, it will affect the way you think and act. When you make excuses in front of your child, he will learn to give them to you, it is part of the learning he receives from you and the worst thing is that he will pass it on to your grandchildren.

The solution for excuses

You complain about violence and corruption in society and you have a terrorist branch in your mind. Excuses are dynamite in your mouth. Accept it, they destroy your aspirations and limit your progress. If you are looking in this article for a light answer , or an apology, to your vice of excusing yourself, stop reading because I am going to disappoint you with all my might. Because the solution that I propose is self-discipline.

To develop this anti-pretext self-discipline, you must learn to ask yourself five questions and be able to answer them. These questions are key, as they will help you create a new way of seeing reality and generate changes in your way of being and acting:

  1. Where does it come from?

  2. It is true?

  3. How is my life with her?

  4. What would my life be like if I put it aside?

  5. What is really hidden behind it?

Let’s practice: you are a woman of faith, but you have no desire to get up early on Sundays to go to Sunday service, you claim you are tired. Where does it come from? Think of the family messages, maybe you grew up with the idea of ​​”The church is for the saints”.

It is true? Honestly evaluate the above message and come up with your own idea about it. How is my life with her? Discuss the blessings your family deprives itself of by not living an authentic faith. What would my life be like if I put it aside? Ponder the benefits of practicing your faith.

What is really hiding behind it? Analyze the fears or false ideas that you have been building throughout your life, maybe they do not even belong to you, and are part of the memes that you have received from your ancestors.

Alexander Pope said: “An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie. The mediocre and liars have no idea what it means to be happy, because they have built their lives on excuses. Discipline will lead you to reprogram your mind again and to break the negative habit of making excuses. Then you will be on your way to being an extraordinary woman.

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