After Her Second Pregnancy She Only Had 9 Teeth Left; A Health Problem That Every Woman Should Take Into Account During Pregnancy

With very few teeth and little money in her pocket, she had to come up with a drastic solution.

Oral health can be severely worse during pregnancy if you don’t take proper care of yourself. A 30-year-old woman lost many of her teeth after her second pregnancy, and when she learned that restoring all of her teeth would cost about $40,000, she decided she had to do something about it to avoid paying that high figure.

According to the Little Things website, Crystal, a 30-year-old American mother, used to have perfect oral health before having children. However, due to the organic and physiological changes of pregnancy, her teeth began to have cavities and thus, they began to fall out. According to the television show The Doctors, Crystal suffered from gingivitis, abscesses and infections. Her oral health was getting worse by the day.

Need sharpens ingenuity

The woman did not have the money to pay for the expense of new dental implants; so she started looking for help on the internet, as is common today. Thus, she found that she could give her teeth a temporary solution: she would do it herself.

Let’s do it

On the internet, he found tutorials for making tooth implants with polymorphic beads. According to Wikipedia, in materials science and mineralogy, polymorphism is the ability of a solid material to exist in more than one form or crystal structure. After her research, the woman learned step by step how to make the molding, the manufacturing itself, what products to use and how to place her own dental prostheses.

But the problem was not solved

She still had pain in her teeth and gums. Apparently the problem was not solved. Her homemade teeth had only managed to alleviate the aesthetic issue, but in terms of oral health itself, there was still a long way to go: she needed to see a dentist.

On the Talk Show The Doctors, they showed how Crystal goes to a specialist, who breaks the news that her homemade dentures were causing her abscesses and infections. If she continued using them the problem would get even worse. Surely, after this public visit to a specialist, Crystal will be able to have her dental implants to heal her mouth in its entirety.

Oral health during pregnancy

What happened to this woman is usually something common in many pregnant women. During pregnancy, the health of our teeth is compromised due to hormonal changes. Teeth are more prone to cavities and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) is usually one of the most common problems.

According to the Pediatric Dentistry site, it is not true that the baby gets all the calcium that the mother consumes, leaving nothing at all for her; but it is true that it gets it from her bones, if the mother does not eat the recommended daily amount. That is why eating during pregnancy is so important.

Tooth decay in pregnancy can be due to various factors

  • An oversight in oral hygiene (brushing less than usual)

  • Change in diet habits (eating out of hours or eating more sweet things)

  • Vomiting associated with pregnancy or reflux of stomach acid. Stomach acid causes erosion of the tooth’s enamel, making it more susceptible to cavities.

As for gingivitis, it occurs due to hormonal change. It is important to brush gently two or three times a day. After pregnancy, gingivitis usually goes away or decreases.

It is essential to go to the dentist as soon as you know that you are pregnant, so that he can give you the appropriate recommendations. And above all, if your teeth begin to fall out, under no circumstances do you look at tutorials on the internet to do them yourself!

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