After Being Parents, How Do You Become A Couple Again? Find Out In 3 Steps

A couple meets, decides to marry, the children arrive, they grow up and go on to make their lives; and the spouses are left alone again. How to be a couple again?

«When I got married, I was very happy, I wanted to be with my husband 24 hours a day. Soon the children arrived and we had to adjust to schedules, it was very heavy but we could always agree. It is beautiful to get married and start a family, but there comes a time when you forget yourself because you are attentive to your children. Sometimes you don’t even care about the husband. However, when those children grow up to take flight, you start to feel strange and your husband does, because neither of you knows what to do again alone.

What I have just told you happens regularly: a couple meets, decides to get married, their children arrive, they grow up and they go on to make their lives; and the spouses are left alone again. For many couples this situation is difficult to cope with, so they choose to live with their partner but separated, as strangers. It is possible, however, to reverse this situation.

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What options do you have for them to be husband and wife again after being just parents? Review these three:

1. Get to know him again and fall in love with him more

It is clear that you are not starting from scratch, since you already know it, and this baggage of knowledge will serve you well. First, what you can do is re-explore that man who made you fall in love with that accumulation of virtues that he only possessed, but you must do the same. To start, make an appointment: you can stay to see a specific place to have lunch or dinner, go for a walk, go to the movies … what you used to do as a couple and it worked for you, and try to talk about yourselves, nothing else about you. what they have done as people, their goals to fulfill, their dreams, their old and new interests, and so on.

2. Fulfill your dreams

It may sound trite or cliché, but it’s time to make your dreams come true. And for this, make a list of what you could not do alone and that you would like to do together such as: trips (to the extent of your possibilities, of course), explorations, excursions, going to concerts, to the theater, to take classes in dance, of your favorite musical instrument; or practice a sport, visit towns that are attractive to you for family reasons or tourist attractions, or go on a trip to the sea, stay on the beach to enjoy the climate, tranquility and scenery. It is just a matter of agreeing.

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3. Enjoy your whole house

The phrase “Finally alone”, usually said after the party or wedding ceremony, you can now shout from the rooftops and enjoy it in all its breadth. Together with your husband, make changes in the home to your liking, add a room where you can sit any afternoon or evening to read, watch movies, play, exercise; in short, whatever comes to mind but that both of them enjoy it and lead them to live together and (re) know each other.

The relationship as a couple goes through several stages in which you have to be completely alert to take them in the best way; Still, you always need to make adjustments that make your marriage the best.

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