After A Fairy Tale Relationship, This Woman Had To Be Rescued From Her Worst Nightmare

A real and scary case … when emotional attachment becomes a REAL DANGER.

Nowadays, it is very common to hear that many women are deceived by men who lower the moon and the stars, promising them a life full of love and a promising future.

It not only happens on social networks, where it is more common to know those stories, but anywhere. Metro News broke the news that a young British woman was abducted by her boyfriend.

Police in Queensland, Australia, arrested a woman who was in a car, for not paying for gasoline. Fortunately, it turned out to be a tourist who had been missing for two months. The young woman was assisted by the health center where they discovered that she had multiple fractures on her face and strangulation marks on her neck.

The young woman informed the police that the man who kidnapped her for two months was in the back seat hidden, covered by blankets. The boyfriend beat her and raped her for two months.

The woman said that she met her abductor at a party and that they had started a love affair, however, when she ended it, the man decided to kidnap her.

Emotional attachment?

Why does a young man kidnap his girlfriend and then rape and beat her? An explanation would be the emotional attachment he felt.

Relying totally on the person you love is a way to destroy life, sometimes you lose your sanity, the reason as long as you do not feel fear of loneliness.

In the case of this young man who did not have the courage to face his reality when he saw himself with a definitive “goodbye” from his beloved, he reacted with violence, fear and destruction. Believing that that way he would regain his love.

It is a psychological problem that many people present, it is the lack of self-love, self-esteem, security and confidence. Possibly he already had problems since childhood that were never detected and cured. Destructive minds. They do not measure the risks and dangers, affecting their loved one.

To avoid tragedies it is important to always take time to get to know the person that attracts you, you do not have to rush things or situations. Many times those people who suffer from psychological problems, have signs or signals that are easy to detect when the relationship will not be healthy.

For example: they always hide something, they never introduce you to the family, they want to obtain their own benefit, they tend to humiliate, they make promises that they never keep among others.

Fortunately, this case was a success, since the kidnapper was arrested on various charges such as rape, kidnapping, even drug possession. The woman returned to her family.

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This is a case to reflect and share with all women, regardless of age, since we are all exposed to meeting people who can damage our integrity. Take care of your family, friends and acquaintances!

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