After 38 Years A Woman Found Who Saved Her Life, After Posting It On Facebook

Social networks in many cases are used to find people called “heroes” who for some reason were involved in saving a life.

Accidents always happen, sometimes the consequences are terrible and regrettable. To avoid them, it is essential that parents or any adult supervise and take care of the actions of their children every moment, since they are incapable of measuring the consequences of their actions.

It is not a question of judging and finding fault with accidents that children suffer, however, it is important to share information that can help and guide adults to prevent fatal accidents, avoiding hurting and harming the lives of those we love the most.

The story was shared by Newsner and ABC, where a woman after suffering a terrible third degree burn accident, searched for the person who saved her life by posting a photo on Facebook.

An accident that left sequels all his life

Amanda Scarpinati, was 3 months old when she suffered a terrible accident. The little girl was on the sofa in her house, when rolling she fell, hitting her face with a hot water humidifier, the consequences were third degree burns and a totally disfigured face.

The parents took her to the emergency hospital at Albany Medican Center in New York, there she was treated by specialists and a loving nurse, managing to save her life. Shortly after, a person managed to photograph the beautiful moment where the nurse was holding Amanda lovingly.

Psychological and physical sequelae

Amanda spent many years through various surgeries to rebuild her face, managing to recover, however, she remembers a tormented childhood, being the object of ridicule and criticism. Every day she looked at the photograph of the nurse and clung to the idea of ​​finding her, as she thought she was the only sincere person who loved and cared for her.

The power of social media

After 20 years of searching for the nurse, she posted the picture on Facebook , hoping to find her, writing: “This was from 1977. I would love to know her name and possibly have the opportunity to speak with her and meet her. Please share how you never know who you might reach.

The message went viral

A Woman recognized the nurse Amanda was looking for, her name is Susan Berger. She was 21 when I saved her life. Soon after they met, the nurse feels lucky and grateful to know that Amanda remembers her with love after many years. She never forgot the little baby who was struggling to survive the terrible burns. Tips for parents

The World Health Organization commented that each year burns cause 265 thousand deaths a year, where the most frequent place that accidents occur is at home. There are many factors that cause burning, such as: electricity, chemicals, liquids, hot objects, radiation, sun exposure, among others.

The problem is that they leave physical, psychological and social consequences throughout life. That is why it is important to take preventive measures to avoid accidents that endanger children.

Preventive measures

Children should always be under the supervision of an adult. Enclosing the fires and limiting the height of the flames (kitchen). Reduce the temperature at hot water taps Promote education about fire safety and the use of smoke detectors Keep children away from flammable items such as lighters or chemicals etc. Orient the handles of the pans and saucepan towards the inside of the stove, at the time of cooking. leak. It is a mistake to heat the bathtub with hot water and then cold, doing it in reverse will prevent the little one from burning. Protect plugs

I share with you: Ideas to prevent burns at home

Taking prevention measures at home and teaching children the consequences of burns will be of great help for your peace of mind and safety.

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