Actions That Men Expect Their Loved Partners To Do

Things that women must do to make their men happy. Know what they expect you to do.

For men, knowing what their women expect is easy since we naturally express our feelings openly, unlike men, who sometimes do not usually express what they feel. Clear! It all depends on the personality of each one, however, the pattern of conduct and behavior of most men reveals what they look for from their partners.

1. Expect to stay away from your friends

The jealousy are feelings that show fear and insecurity of losing a loved one, I dare say that most people have experienced the despite the couple trust. As the phrase “I trust you, but the people around you don’t.”

Of course, unhealthy jealousy can damage the relationship, however, your partner will feel that kind of natural jealousy, when you have close friends who you live with most of the time. However, when your partner meets them and lives with them, little by little, they will accept your friendship with them. What he hopes is that you spend more time with him than with your friends.

2. Wait for details

Just as we women love that they give us flowers, chocolates and other things, your partner expects the same, even if they do not express it. You can give material gifts , however, what they expect are unexpected details, such as enjoying their favorite food, a text message, a passionate kiss, watching a movie together, among others.

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3. Admiration

Valuing what your partner does is to admire and recognize himself, remember that by doing so you will strengthen the ties in your relationship. Admire her physique, her way of being and her work, from the little things like washing the dishes for dinner, to getting money to ensure your well-being. Remember to do it with unforgettable phrases such as: “You are very handsome”, “You did a great job”, “I love your efforts”, “I love your good humor” etc.

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4. Unconditional support

We all need the support of the loved one to do things that possibly cause us fear or insecurity, however, the social role of men is to protect their wife. Just as he does, you can also support him, provide the security he needs in any aspect of his life. Identify when he is sad to give him the motivation and solutions to feel good.

5. Gratitude

Remember that it is not the obligation of men to keep you happy like a princess, they do it because they are completely in love, so they expect you to be grateful for all the effort they make to achieve your happiness. Learn to be grateful for all actions, from a small kiss in the morning, a hug or even helping you with the housework. If she feels that you don’t appreciate what she does for you, there may come a time when she gets frustrated and thinks that fighting is not worth it.

6. Surprise him in privacy

Most of the time men are the first to motivate their partner to be intimate, however, something they hope is that you will take the initiative and surprise him. Prepare a romantic place, light candles, place flowers, listen to romantic music, dance etc.

7. Watch sports with you

Just as women like fashion, beauty, and drama shows, men love sports and cars. Your partner hopes to spend quality time with you, enjoying a program that they are passionate about, such as a soccer game.

For a relationship to be successful, there must always be a balance of both parties, love, communication and respect are essential to unite the bonds of love.

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