A Strong Woman Always Demands These 7 Things From Her Partner

Strong women are not those who do not feel fear, but those who face it. They know what they want and expect from life.

Much is said about the strength of women and what things are that make a woman strong. Undoubtedly, the resistance and strength of our gender resides in our mind and our heart, since we almost always draw strength from where we could never imagine and – sooner or later – face any obstacle in life.

It is often said that menfear womenstrong. It may be a cultural, anthropological or genetic issue, but the truth is that not all men can deal with a woman who knows what he wants and what he expects from his love affair.

Accustomed to millennia of submission to man, women have fought through history to make our voice heard. Fortunately, times change and today men understand that our call is to walk together, men and women, in a world that needs more empathy and less gender competition.

What they want

Strong women know that men walk hand in hand, never in front or behind. They assert themselves and do not accept humiliation or humiliation. Strong women heal their family tree by forgiving all the women in their family and banishing social mandates, thus choosing the path to take.

What defines strength in a woman is knowing what she is worth and when to make it count. It is not arrogance, it is self-love ; Well, a strong woman knows that to love others she must learn to love (and accept) herself.

Strong women and men

When a woman falls in love, (and falls seriously in love) she gives her all. Strong women are those who know that the man who will be by their side will be the one who encourages them to shine, who is happy with their triumphs and who respects their individualities.

In summary, these are the 7 things that every strong woman demands from her love relationship:

1 Mutual trust

Strong women need a man by their side who is self- confident and can trust her, just as she trusts him. It will not admit scenes of humiliation or prohibitions to certain activities, much less scandals in public.

Strong women are sure of themselves, and they could never be with a man who does not know how to value himself.

2 Respect

Respect is the fundamental key in the duration of any affective relationship, be it family, friendship or love. When a person disrespects us, it is very difficult to trust again. For a strong woman, respect in the partner is essential, since she will never admit a derogatory treatment or unkind words, and she will know how to put a brake on time.

3 Let your partner have their individual projects

Success in the couple lies not only in joint projects, but often in each one having their individual projects. Strong women have clear life goals, and they want their relationship partner to also know how to take charge of his.

4 Deep conversations

There is a phrase that says “Stay with who you cantalk about the UniverseAnyone can talk about people ». Strong women like interesting conversations and don’t get carried away by gossip or pointless fights.

The strength of these women leads them not to be overwhelmed by trifles, giving place to all those conversations that nurture their being.

5 That supports and does not minimize their personal projects

Be it work projects, moving, a home fix, or a trip, strong women are attracted to men who do not resist female personal growth, but are clouded by this type of personality. They are free spirits and not just anyone can handle them.

6 Kindness and tolerance

Any woman on the face of the earth looks for kindness and tolerance from her partner. However, only strong women will assert this premise without letting themselves be intimidated by repetitive abuse and repeated intolerances. A strong woman knows how to forgive, but she also knows how to say enough when a man does not value her.

7 Commitment

Obstinate and committed to their ideals, strong women demand that the man who is by their side know how to fight for theirs as well; but also, that he respects that initial commitment that he once proposed, in any area of ​​life, but especially in the couple.

The strength that resides in you

Sometimes women are unaware of the strength that lives within us. I usually tell my children that women are strong; I repeat it over and over again, so that my girl learns and assimilates it, and so that my little boy learns to love and respect women.

One day my 5-year-old son was struggling to fit some toy blocks and I was surprised when I heard him say, “Sister, help me with your strength as a woman, with this.” My heart was flooded with tenderness, because in a world where we are told that we are weak and that we do not have the same opportunities, I am sure that the new generations will understand that women are not only strong but we advocate for a society where men appreciate and estimate our innate strength.

Strong women know how to love themselves and where to put all the love they have to give. Pillars of family and builders of values, strong women have much to teach their tribes, and it is easy to distinguish them: they are those who help and edify other women instead of destroying them.

Appreciate and value all the women in your family tree. From their place, they did their bit so that today you are that strong woman that you are. Go ahead, don’t stop!

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