A Parent Gives You 5 Tips To Save On This Back To School

Sometimes a dad’s perspective is different than a mom’s. So here I share 5 tips to save on this back to school.

Holidays are that period in the life of the human being that lasts the same as a sigh. When it comes time to prepare to return to “normal life,” big problems ensue; one of them is the dreaded back to school.

Without falling into misunderstandings, the subject of back to school is difficult for parents and children; While it is exciting for the fact that a new chapter will begin in the school history of children, it is also true that the purchases of school supplies represent a very strong blow to the families’ pocket.

As a small guide, which surely in a few months I will have to follow to the letter, here are five tips to save on this already imminent return to school:

1. Be proactive

The truth is, few are the people who look two months ahead (in anything) and seek to prevent. For this reason, it would be interesting that before the end of the school year, you make the necessary purchases for the following year thinking that the price has not skyrocketed. As this time is obviously past, then don’t wait until the Sunday before classes start at seven at night to buy pencils, notebooks, dictionaries, geometry games, packets of white sheets, linings and other supplies.

2. Take advantage of offers

There are many, and of various kinds. Liquidations of notebooks with “out of fashion” covers do exactly the same thing. Perhaps to avoid that girls always want to buy the most expensive (which is not the best sometimes) it would be worth it if you do the shopping alone, accompanied by your faithful wallet.

3. Recycle the supplies from the last cycle

If you were lucky enough that the previous year your children did not finish with all the supplies, well there you have it: use them again. This can still be linked to point one, and think about buying a large package of pencils that allows you to use them throughout the year, especially in this time of excessive consumption.

4. Check the quality of the products

Shopping is an art that requires a lot of skill and skill. While not everything that is more expensive is the best, neither the cheapest (or pirate) will work for you. Check if the notebook is not going to dismember just when you are covering it, or if the backpack is of the same quality as the bags in supermarkets, because if not, you will make a double expense and you will take tremendous courage.

5. Teach how to take care of supplies

There are certain types of children who seek to destroy for the simple act of destroying, so you have to talk at length with them about the disadvantages and bad points of breaking things and taking care of them from their little friends. If they are taught to make the most of their supplies, part of the battle will already be won. This applies twice as much in the new era of smartphones , although children and adolescents are going to use a new device, it is clear that they must take maximum care (of course, except in robberies, that is another issue).

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