A Love That Spills Out And Perfumes The Lives Of Its Children

Mothers who pour out their lives on their children do not appear in the media, but are registered in the memory of the soul.

Love takes risks, spills jars and endures comments.

The smell of perfume fills the room. There are looks that judge, voices that whisper. It is the house of Simon, the one who once dressed in rags, covering his leprosy.

She does not doubt it, she approaches and breaks the bottle, lets its contents spill, one year’s salary on the Master’s hair. Maria’s message is very clear: there is no time to enter into calculations, but there is time to give everything, to pour affection on who you love.

“Tomorrow, when I’m less tired, I’ll look at my daughter’s notebook,” you say to yourself as you take off your clothes and lie down on the bed almost passed out. «Next month I will buy him a detail, when he collects the Christmas bonus», you promise yourself. “Next week I’ll go to school to see how he’s doing.” “This Sunday I tell you.” Only you know the truth. Perhaps those moments will come, but you will not have been able to fulfill, because you have so many obligations and the bills pile up on the kitchen counter.

But Maria did not know how to delay things, she felt that she had to take risks and she did. Her reward was great, to this day we continue to narrate her decision to show love.

Your photo on the bedside table is not enough,

Your children want your perfume flooding their cheeks. I do not know what are the causes that prevent you from spilling the bottle, anointing with your presence those you love, infusing their lives with fragrance, but I am sure that if you do not risk, you will not go down in history as a remembered mother, but everything. otherwise.

If you do not stop to act, life flies before your eyes and your children and your husband will sooner or later make you notice it. Love is a risky way of spilling into the lives of others. In these ” online ” times, love still needs presence, it needs to be materialized in daily acts.

Loving is a visible, palpable decision, with a scent that permeates all spaces

It is not enough that you organize a nice birthday party and sign the permission to go to school camp: your children need you in all their adventures and also in their bad times. Who will guide you in the days of crossroads? Who will be present when your fears appear under the bed? Mothers who pour out their lives on their children do not appear in the media, but are registered in the memory of the soul.

Be a hero at home

No one from the news will come to make you a note, nor will they give you a Nobel Prize, but your children will say: “Mommy,” “Mom,” “Mommy,” and they will spell your name with five letters: UNICA.

They will not seek outside the house, no other refuge than your arms. To feel safe, they will choose the woman who knows all their storybooks by heart, who knows where Señor Orejas is and who is capable of preparing a tisane for stomach pain. Remember: “Someday” never comes. Successful mothers spill over, flood their children with themselves, and risk being there.

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