A Good Self-esteem: The Greatest Attraction Of A Woman

If you love yourself, others will see you miles away.

A good self – esteem is a source of stable relationships and all successes in the life of a woman. However, it is difficult to own one because sometimes self-love wears out as you suffer or fail.

Despite this wear and tear arising from pain, there are also aspects that you can put into practice to strengthen your self-esteem and become a more self-confident woman every day.

As the most important thing is that you achieve it and be happier every day, below you will find 7 aspects that will make you a strong and attractive woman, not only for you, but for the men around you because they will not stop admiring you for your precious value.

1. Don’t believe in the “perfect life”

With this of social networks it is common for people to fool themselves into believing that their acquaintances have perfect lives; the reality is sometimes tremendously opposite.

When you create someone else’s “perfect life” story, you usually feel pressure to get what they have; But are they really as happy as they appear? Many times it is not so; And if they are, the truth is that you don’t know what path they had to travel to get to where they are right now.

You may have planned a whole series of events and adventures that you wanted to achieve in your life, but this life often tends to take different paths to those you had proposed; not bad, rather good but very different, with everything, I’m sure you are happy.

2. Take care of yourself

It is not just a matter of how you see yourself and others see you, it is a matter of whether you feel good about yourself.

It’s one thing to buy expensive clothes and accessories once in a while; and another is that you dedicate your life to it. Your appearance is important for you to feel good, but it is not everything if you feel empty.

Now, your body is a temple and as such you must take care of what you eat, how much and how you exercise. Each and every one of the decisions you make about your body will fall on yourself after a while.

So the best thing you can do for yourself is to be self-aware, strive to have a fair balance of both body and mind and spirit. Don’t forget “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

3. Mature with dignity

In this growing and aging there is a great and unique truth: “We must know how to burn stages.” What I mean by this? Simple, do things just our age.

It is not worth getting old before your time and locking yourself in bitterness because you are already past 30; But it is not fair to you to pretend to be 15 years old and act like a teenager, that way you will only make a fool of yourself.

Your life is passing now. Live it in a healthy way, have fun, love, study, know and relax; do it now and don’t let other factors dictate the pace and quality of your life.

4. In all aspects be honest with yourself

Knowing yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Knowing which side you weaken and where you are strong will put you more in control of yourself.

You are not perfect, so as you strive to be better, to change what you do not like about yourself, you will be able to overcome battles that you could not before. Don’t forget that weaknesses will make you strong

5. Develop your skills and know your talents

We all have abilities and talents, and fortunately very different; That’s why it makes no sense to feel bad because you don’t sing like an angel, if instead you cook like one.

Something you can do to discover your abilities is to take a sheet of paper and write all your strengths, talents and goals on it. This will place you in your capacities and give a purpose to your goals and direction to your dreams; otherwise, you are going to waste all the gifts that life has endowed you with.

6. Stay away from toxic people

The page the mind is wonderful explains that although you cannot choose the people who surround you so much in your work, in your study or in your own family, if you can maintain a healthy distance between them if they are not very pleasant.

Something you must learn to do is to choose the people who deserve your friendship and your time; If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, they don’t deserve you and you should walk away.

In case you cannot choose, if you can choose to learn to relate to them to avoid as much damage as possible.

7. You are a mature woman, space for social pressure does not exist

Believe it or not, this is something that not only happens in adolescence. There is always going to be someone who wants to force you to do something you don’t want just to see how far you are able to go for the benefit of the relationship or friendship.

You are the owner of your life and responsible for it; Therefore, when you decide to make decisions based on your priorities, principles and values, the result is that you will feel more satisfied and confident about yourself.

As you can see, all the aforementioned aspects scream one thing: RESPECT. If you do, you will immediately start to be happier and more in control of yourself.

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