A Good Read Can Bring Many Benefits To Your Brain

Reading gives life and maintenance to the brain so easily and at the same time so effectively. Know why and how to achieve it.

“One night when I came home completely drunk, it seemed to me that the cat was avoiding my sight. I grabbed him, but, frightened by my violence, he made a very slight wound on my hand with his teeth. My soul seemed to leave my body, and a more than diabolical rage, saturated with gin, penetrated every fiber of my being. I took a penknife from my vest pocket, opened it, grabbed the poor animal by the throat and deliberately made one eye pop out of its socket. I am ashamed, I consume myself, I shudder when I write this abominable atrocity », a small fragment of one of his works by Edgar Allan Poe ´El gato´, one of the most shocking moments of this work due to the writing and the way in which each reader imagines the scene when reading it.

That according to an article in the magazine Psychological Science in 2009, in which the Psychologist Nicloe K. Speer affirms that “readers mentally simulate each new situation they encounter in a narrative. The details of the actions recorded in the text are integrated into personal knowledge of past lived experiences.


The role of the senses

There are authors of novels and chroniclers who manage to make such a perfect description that one as a reader is able to feel, taste and even smell what is being read. You can fully immerse yourself in the story and what is told there, and the brain has a lot to do with this.

Authors of Metaphors. We Live By, George Lakoff, and Mark Johnson were tasked with exploring the power of metaphors by finding areas of the brain associated with touch and smell illuminated, just as they would if they were actually smelling or touching something.

The influence of the protagonists

Something very similar with the senses occurs with the actions of the interpreters of the stories, the brain areas are also activated as if the action were actually executed, according to studies carried out by the University of Washington by the Psychologist Speer.

On the other hand, an excellent writing can also turn you into that central actor that you are reading, the neural changes are capable of turning you into that he or she with all the physical and mental characteristics that are exposed to you in reading.

The brain when reading

When a person reads a text, the left hemisphere of the brain is working rapidly to push different areas. When the eyes are moving to go through the lines, recognizing the shape of the letters and constructing words, the inferotemporal cortex is activated transmitting information to other brain regions.

A person who is always active through reading can have many more benefits such as increasing the speed to respond and act in difficult moments, ordering ideas, increasing memory and imagination, thinking, creating, socializing, etc.

Do not forget that this part of the body is the one that operates practically the rest of the body, without it nothing can be done, hence the importance of keeping it in good condition for as many years as possible. Reading is your medicine, but a good reading is your remedy, if you don’t get used to it, you are very in time to do it.

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