A Girl Will Be Given Up For Adoption Because She Has Very Old Parents, Is There An Age Limit To Be A Parent?

Italy is shocked by this case. The future of this girl is in check after the ruling of the Court. What will your destination be?

A 7-year-old girl could be legally adopted by the family with whom she has lived for several years, without the possibility of returning to live with her biological parents. The reason? The Italian Justice considers that her parents are too “old” to raise her and this endangers the future of the little girl. This story jeopardizes the controversy of the right and ideal age to be parents.

The case

Gabriella and Luigi De Ambrosis were 56 and 68 years old, respectively, when in 2010 they decided to use IVF abroad to have a child. A year later a neighbor denounced the man for “abandonment of person” when she saw that he left the little girl of only one month of life inside the car in her car seat. The father appealed to the Justice that he had only come down to leave the market bags and did not want to wake the baby. But the Justice decided at that time to take away custody of the little girl, considering them too “old”.

The sentence is confirmed

The man was later acquitted of the abandonment charge, but the Juvenile Court decided that the parents were too old to take care of the girl so they gave her to a family in transit. The sentence was confirmed these days, and the girl can already be legally adopted by the family with whom she currently lives. According to what is mentioned in this sentence, “the girl will be orphaned very soon and, in addition, she will be forced to take care of elderly parents, with possible serious pathologies or disabilities.”

The controversy

The lawyer for this Italian couple announced that they will appeal to the Supreme Court, reiterating that the parents “are absolutely capable of taking care of the child.” However, the controversy is already established. There are those who argue that they can be parents perfectly at that age, and who argue that the age of the parents is key in the quality of raising a child.

Justice has already made the decision. Her biological parents will now appeal the court ruling seeking to prove that they are suitable for the care and upbringing of the little girl. The case generates controversy throughout the world and the debate continues.


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