A Generational Gem: 3 Good Reasons To Have A Family Photograph

A family photograph can be the means through which generations of your family get to know and love each other, despite distance, time, and death itself.

A few years ago, my mother posted a family photograph of her ancestors in the living room of our apartment. It was a black and white photograph, worn and from the early 1900s. I remember when I first looked at it, I thought of all the family stories behind that image. However, now that some years have passed and I see that same photograph again, I realize that, without a doubt, that piece of paper has become a jewel for each generation in my family.

Today – unlike the photography of my ancestors – you have the possibility of obtaining images with greater clarity and color. You have the possibility of taking not just one, but hundreds of images of your family and of each of the members that make it up. In these times when technology has advanced so much and has become more accessible, obtaining a photographic souvenir of a birthday, a wedding, a Christmas, or any other family gathering is truly indispensable for generations of your family. Think that through these memories, they will be able to relive happy moments from the past, the stories of the people who have made up your family will endure. Above all, those grandparents, grandchildren, cousins, uncles, who never met in life but who, in the end, will always remain family, will come to love each other.

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Below I share with you three good reasons why you should have at least one family photograph.

1. Remembering is always living again

Having in view —be it in the living room, bedroom, hallway— the image of the best vacations or the funniest party you’ve ever been to with your family, will allow you to constantly relive the beautiful emotions you experienced in that encapsulated moment. It will allow you to take refuge in that experience when you feel sad, desolate or even desperate due to a family or personal problem.

That simple image can become a time machine for you and future generations. It will be available to you when you most need to remember that you are not, nor will you be alone.

2. Behind every smile, look and pose, there is a story to tell

Each of the members who have integrated and will integrate your family, have a life story that deserves to be told. Sometimes a single gesture captured in a photograph could help us remember those wonderful stories that must be recorded for our family learning.

It is said that, despite the great capacity of man’s memory, it is possible that it forgets days, stories and people completely. However, having a family photograph can help you — you and your family — to feed back on the experiences that your ancestors and contemporaries have lived, and live. They will learn from their successes and mistakes, and by looking at their smiles, looks, and poses – dead or alive, whether they have known them or not – they will remember the lessons learned through them.

3. The hearts of children will turn to their ancestors, and vice versa

It’s funny, but looking at that old photograph that my mother placed in our living room, and listening to some of the stories behind it, I felt great gratitude and love for those men and women who came before me. I was grateful for their existence because, thanks to them, my grandmother, my mother, my sisters, and I were able to come to this earth.

If your wish is that your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren and more, can remember you and love you forever, do not doubt that a photograph can be an excellent reminder for them. Of course, the main key for them to truly love and admire you is to leave them positive life teachings. However, a simple image of you can constantly remind them of your great example.

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So, don’t hesitate to leave those generational gems that we call family photographs to your descendants. Do not doubt that these will make it easier for them to meet again, recognize each other and embrace each other with greater love when all have left this land forever.

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