A Game With His Babysitter Ends In Tragedy; Some Time Later, The Death Of This Child Is Immortalized In A Famous Song

Many years have passed since the boy’s death, but his father, far from overcoming the pain, wrote a song that still moves him to tears.

26 years have passed since a tragedy that marked the personal world of a great international music artist. ” Tears in Heaven “, one of the famous songs by singer-songwriter Eric Clapton, has a sad story behind it, which you may not have known, and which invites us to reflect on the value of life and affections.

A sad story behind the song

« Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven? Would it be the same if I saw you in heaven? I must be strong and go my way. Because I know I don’t belong here in heaven. Behind the door there will be peace, I’m sure. And I know there will be no more tears in heaven . This is a fragment of the song that Eric Clapton composed after the fatal death of his son. A death that was marked in his soul, because the little time that the musician was able to enjoy his son made the anguish even greater.

A son who saw little of his father

According to the Newsner site, Conor was the son that singer Eric Clapton had after an affair with Italian model Lory del Santo. Things in the relationship were a bit difficult from the beginning, because when Eric learned that he was going to be a father, he was not very satisfied; he wanted an easier and more relaxed life, and fatherhood would come to end all his future plans.

The artist was not comfortable with the idea of ​​being a father at the time. But despite this, the Italian model gave birth to a beautiful boy. Eric confided to the woman that he was not ready to be a father, so he ignored many activities and responsibilities of fatherhood. On the other hand, there was something beyond a simple senseless disengagement from his son: Eric was an alcoholic, and his sudden outbursts of rage and depressive states made his life unbalanced inappropriate to carry the responsibility of raising a child. son.

Conor had very little contact with his father during his first years of life. The musician led a busy life and found it difficult to reconcile his professional life with family life. At the age of 3, Eric and Lory separated, after many discussions and disagreements. Now the artist saw very little of his son. Even so, and despite being separated, Lory made an effort to reunite Conor with his father, so that they would not lose contact, because now the boy lived with his mother in Italy.

But then he reconsidered

The musician, after a while, and in a moment of sobriety away from alcohol, understood that it was time to take charge of his parental responsibility, and told Lory that he was ready to exercise full fatherhood. According to the Oasis site, in March 1991, when Conor was already 4 years old, he went with his mother to New York to visit his father. They had a beautiful day. They went to the circus, and enjoyed a day like a real family. Eric was willing to start over from scratch, to enjoy the boy to the fullest, for all the years that he had missed his laughter, his games, and his hugs.

The day a little angel was his father’s muse

The day after seeing his father in New York, Conor woke up very happy because he would spend a day with his father again. Now, they had more time to enjoy each other. His mother was taking a shower and while the boy was playing with his babysitter.

In the apartment where they were living, they were doing repair work, so Lory had asked the babysitter not to leave the little one alone for a second. But in an oversight, little Conor started running at full speed inside the house, playing games with his nanny and got into a room where the janitor cleaned a large window. The window was wide open. The janitor did not stop the boy when he suddenly came running to the edge of the window: he fell into the void and died instantly. The musician arrived at the apartment a few minutes later, as he was picking him up for a new day of walks and games. But he was met with tragedy.

According to Eric Clapton’s own sayings, which were reflected in his autobiography :

If I can get through this and stay sober, anyone can. There was no better way to honor my son’s memory.

With this simple phrase, the musician regretted so many years of having lost contact with his son for having been immersed in alcohol. After this fatal event, he promised himself to stop drinking, in honor of his son.

Tragedies not only show us our miseries, but also teach us to draw positive lessons from all those situations that seem dark and with no way out. There is absolutely nothing positive in the death of a child, but there is in the attitude of reconsidering and starting a new life, without selfishness or eccentricities, and with full trust in God.

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