A Chubby Girl

In addition to a good diet, love is still the best element to fight childhood obesity

Dalia runs with her face covered in chocolate, and in her hands she still has two half-eaten alfajores. He comes over to kiss me and splashes some dulce de leche on my cheeks. I adore that girl, she is the chubby girl on the block, the “blonde cow” as some children call her at school, “the beautiful Dalia” as her grandmother calls her, or simply: “she”, as her older brother calls her. ashamed.

Dalia is a sweet, charming girl with a few extra pounds. But inside it is fragile and light as a dragonfly. Then she comes home and opens the refrigerator and calms down eating whatever she likes. She doesn’t mind being chubby either, and she doesn’t seem to care what the diabetes, cholesterol, and knee doctor said. Dalia loves to eat, but most of all she loves not to feel sad.

Dalia feels lonely not only at school, but also in the neighborhood, where many children tease her, tease her and give her cruel nicknames. All of this causes him pain. Much pain.

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When you are the mother of an overweight girl

I know you are distressed because your daughter is also “chubby”, and you affirm to yourself “She is not obese, not yet. The pediatrician told me, who is on the edge.

I know it doesn’t help much, maybe nothing, to suggest that you be firm with diets, because I know you’ve tried and always manages to steal some treat. In addition, what you do not eat at home, you will find at the kiosk or keep in your backpack, not counting the “faithful friends” who will secretly keep a portion of cake. If nicknames and loneliness do not motivate her to lose weight, your tears and your complaints much less.

Therapy and diet

Dalia needed something else and that’s how it was, we met one winter afternoon, she waited for me with a cup full of milk and a lot of strawberry candy in some huge rice cakes. At least it was the impression I had when I observed their little hands preparing one for me.

In seconds I wondered if eating with her, “all that” is as we psychologists say: “sustain the symptom”, then what to do?

The cold was terrible, I had traveled three hours to see him, and I really could use a cup of hot milk, and above all, accompanied by a huge, very huge rice cracker (in his little hands). Dalia was not ashamed and began to talk about her sadness, her desire to eat and showed me her rag dolls, which were her passion.

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A different solution to lose weight

After two months of therapy, where nothing worked, besides a lot of helplessness and anguish, I had an idea. I decided to arrive earlier to see her, (she lived 165 km from my home) knowing that she had not come from school yet, I asked her mother to be an accomplice in an action plan, I took Renata her favorite rag doll and took advantage of the fact that It was a bit unstitched and I put on it wadding that I had brought from home. I put on it so much that the doll was about to explode.

After a while Dalia arrived, happily she ran to kiss me. I leaned in to greet her and purposely let Renata peek out. His eyes widened in shock, he took her against him and ran to the nearest mirror as he screamed “you’re getting too fat.”

Love heals everything

The plan was underway, as they improved their diet “together”, Renata lost weight (every week she managed to get some wadding out of her), Dalia knew well that it was a trick, but she needed to see with her own eyes the damage that everyone saw. in her. Just as she loved Renata and wanted to see her healthy, she could see for herself that we were all worried about hers.

The same thing will happen to your daughter: she will have to have discipline, a desire to change and a lot of willpower and maybe even feel responsible for someone. As much as you love her you can never give her that.

Meanwhile, you can follow the medical recommendations, and complying with all the recommendations of the nutritionist. But in the process, don’t stop loving her and let her beauty flow.

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