9 Important Dates That Men Always Forget

Does your man remember these important dates? If it does, you have a great man by your side.

It is said that women are the most likely to remember important dates, especially when they are in a relationship, this because they tend to remember details much more, according to some studies. It is also said that the man, by spending more time busy and having greater pressure on her, it is easier for them not to notice this information that for them is usually “disposable.”

But here we are not going to try to explain what is the reason why they forget the dates, but we are going to list some of the dates that a man usually forgets par excellence. If yours does it, don’t worry, there are millions in the world who also do it, it is not a consolation or a pretext but it is something very general, know these dates!

Birthday or wedding anniversary

The woman is the one who usually even marks on her calendar that the 16th is one more month together, while for the man it is one more day. When they get married this doesn’t change either! They also forget the date they got married.

The 14th of February

For them it is another day, sometimes they realize because the whole world is filled with balloons and corny things. But don’t expect him to call you in the morning to wish you Happy Valentine’s!

Your partner’s birthday

Generally, you will have to remind your boyfriend a few days before this date approaches if you do not want him to go unnoticed, mark it on his calendar and put a reminder!

His mother-in-law’s birthday

If he has forgotten yours, what would make you think that his mother-in-law’s is going to remember? They are one of the most “normal” days of the year. If you want him to remember it, tell him a day before.

Presentations at your children’s school

If they already have children, they will hardly forget their birthday, but do not ask them to remember when is the spring festival or the end of the school year, moms are the ones who are usually aware of all this.

The date they met

A woman remembers perfectly the day of that party when they met, she can even tell you what her partner was wearing, but a man never! So if you arrive with a gift that day and say “Congratulations!”, We assure you that he will not know why you are doing it, give it a try and see!

The day they chose to get married

If you already have a fixed date to get married, surely when you tell your friends about the wedding, they will say something like “it is in May”, but they will not remember exactly the price day, it is completely natural because women are the ones who take care of these details.

The date they promised they would be together all day

For a month they promised that X day they would block the schedules to spend that day or weekend completely together, do not believe him! Surely he will forget it and one day before you tell him that if he is ready for the date he will say no because what do you think? He forgot!

The day of some family party

Graduations, your cousin’s wedding, your parents’ anniversary party, your nephew’s baptism among other celebrations are not on his priority list and not because he does not want to go, it simply will not be on his radar of dates to be met.

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