9 Genuine Signs That Your Child Loves You

In addition to hugs and kisses, your child does a few things to tell you how much he loves you.

When you have children, life blatantly passes before your eyes. And when we stop to see the faces of our children we discover the immense love that was born unexpectedly in our hearts. But we also see how they return that love to us through their daily actions.

Having young children can be exhausting, I know. But it is also one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Our physical and mental exhaustion is in direct proportion to the love that they give us and that we mothers are capable of offering.

Your kids love you, and you know it. And although sometimes some acts drive you crazy, for them you are the most important being in this world. And with their small everyday gestures they silently shout I love you mom!

1 He seeks you unceasingly

Since he is a newborn, for your child you are his world. He will seek to be with you day and night. And even if sometimes you feel saturated, it is the best way to show yourself that she loves you and needs you.

2 He wants your attention constantly

Young children require constant Attention from his parents. Then he will be saying “ look mom ” all the time , and will show you his exploits over and over again. My young children do it all the time; they seek my approval and are happy when I pay attention to them.

3 Is distressed when separated from you

Around 8 months of age, babies go through a stagecalled by experts “separation anxiety”. At this stage, children begin to become anxious about separation from their mother.

As soon as you disappear from their sight, your baby will start crying. This is completely normal, and your child needs all the support and support. He is telling you that he needs you to navigate this path to independence.

4 He wants to do everything with you

Play, be with you, sit on your lap, be with you when you cook or clean, etc. They all want to do it with you. You are their example, their role model. Your child loves you so much that he is delighted to share all his activities with you.

He will bring his coloring paints with you, he will want to make sand castles, always with you, and wherever you go, he will want to go. Take it as an unavoidable token of love. And enjoy it, because when you least expect it, you’ll be begging this to come back.

5 makes you angry

From the age of 2, children begin the stage of tantrums. Little ones can’t control their emotions, so they quickly become frustrated. And how is this a proof of love? It happens that for your son you are in whom he places all his trust. And with no one does he feel more comfortable than with you.

Therefore, unload all their emotions in front of you, in an attempt to help you manage them. Theexperts They assure that this is a faithful proof of love, which shows that your child feels fully confident with you.

6 Seeks to please you

Although sometimes it does not seem, and you think that it is a little troublemaker, your child seeks to please you and make you happy. He loves to see your smile.

When my kids tried to make me breakfast a while ago they made a mess in the kitchen. I couldn’t get mad, they were trying to surprise me, and they did. His intention was to please me and return love. We must see each act of love in the daily actions of our children.

7 wants to sleep next to you

Nature created us in such a way that a young child needs to sleep next to his mother to feel safe and protected. When your child shows that he cannot sleep without himself, he is saying that he needs you and you are his world.

The expertssupport this practice up to 3 years of age, as it benefits the neural development of children, while strengthening their self-esteem. Co-sleeping turns children into emotionally healthy adults, and fosters parental bonding.

8 He never looks at your appearance

They don’t look at your messy hair, your wrinkles, or what’s left of your belly after pregnancy. They love their mother as she is, and for the children, their mother will always be beautiful.

That is true love, because children value many aspects of their parents but never pay attention to the physical question. Who can love us more deeply than they?

9 He gives you his drawings

A scribble that then slowly turns into a meaningful drawing. All the strokes of our children, which they give us with love, are the most faithful demonstration of affection for us.

They feel they should gift us their best work of art, because we deserve it, and because we value it. For your child, giving you a drawing, or a flower, or a stone he found is a genuine act of love.

You are the great motivator of that love

If your child has all these demonstrations of love, it is because you are fostering that bond. Your child feels that you are special and shows it from birth, with his eyes, his cries, his chirps and his first smiles.

Then, your daily hugs and kisses will reinforce that love that grows day by day. The bond you have with your child is unbreakable, and only a mother can attest to it.

A heavenly bond

The reciprocal love between a mother and a child grows from the womb. When you know that you carry it within your being, a love that transcends the earthly begins to take shape.

So, you caress your belly, you think about it, you name it, you dream about it. And then when it is born, your heart comes out of your chest and you cannot believe that you would be able to feel so much love.

Hug and kiss your child. From the first minute of life have it in your arms, because that is what babies need. Encourage the bond through your daily actions.

Listen to him when he needs it, but also listen to your mother’s heart, which together with your intuition, will lead the way. Your maternal aura knows what your child needs, and the love you profess for him, he returns it in spades.

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