8-year-old Boy Saves His Little Brother From Dying Using A Maneuver His Father Showed Him

The boy confessed that his father had shown him how to use this maneuver only two days ago.

Do you know how to apply the Heimlich maneuver? Do you know what is it about? Could you be the difference between someone’s life or death?

If in some place we saw someone drowning, many adults would not feel able to act because we are not trained, because we do not feel safe and even because we fear the consequences for acting incorrectly. There are cases of people who have died because nobody dared to help them.

Sad truth?

Now I will tell you the story of a little hero who saved the life of his little brother who was drowning.

Daily Mail published the news of a young boy, Sterling, of 8 years who was playing with his little brother of almost 2 years when suddenly he saw that little Grainger put something in his mouth and began to choke.

Sterling didn’t think about it, he just reacted and grabbed his little brother, carried him and hit his back, the little one threw a coin and started crying.

When the local TV channel interviewed the little hero and asked how he had known how to do the right thing in such an emergency, the boy replied that two days before his father had taught him to apply the maneuver and that he told him that in the case of babies, should hit the back.

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The police department decided to award the little boy with a certificate in a simple ceremony. The father of the two boys and a former Marine in Iraq stated that he and his wife taught the boy to recognize the situation and know how to act. As parents, they think that children should be taught as soon as possible techniques that can save their lives in any accident or emergency.

The Heimlich maneuver

It is a simple process that applies to people who are choking because they have choked on something.

Medline tells us that this maneuver can be applied when the person is conscious and that we can apply it even to ourselves.

  • If you see a person choking and putting their hands to their throat, you should come closer and tell them clearly what you are going to do so that the person cooperates and does not panic anymore.

  • Then stand behind him and wrap your arms around his waist. Make a fist with one hand above the navel and wrap your hand with the other.

  • Perform a series of compressions on your abdomen with force inward and upward. Do 5 compressions until the object comes out.

  • If the object is stuck you can hit the back by patting

  • If the object does not come out in the first 5 compressions, another person should call 911.

You can get more information visit this site or attend a course with a doctor, firefighters and the Red Cross of your locality.

Often these trainings are given in companies, schools and it is very good to take them to your workplace, this can save your life or that of someone else.

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