8 Ways Your Expectations Break Your Heart And Not Him

When you love someone, more than loving them for who they are, many women think about what that special relationship could become. They do not think about now but, illusively, about the future.

In a romantic relationship, when loving someone, it often happens that more than loving him for who he is, many women think about what that man could become, and that is what they really fall in love with. Why does this happen? Because we all tend to idealize the person with whom we are, with whom we share life, leaving aside what he truly is and longing for that long-awaited moment to come one day when things change as if by magic.

And from that we present to you what are these types of false expectations that a woman generates about her man, with the sole purpose of making you realize that it is not the man himself that makes you feel this way, but the expectations that you create around him. Take a look and come to a conclusion !:

1. You think he will want to marry you

If at no time has he talked to you about marriage or the future with you, what makes you think that this will change in the future? There are many women who imagine stories like: “Now that you solve the situation, surely you will dare to ask me for marriage.” Who wants to do it, does it and that’s it!

2. You think that one day he will admit his mistakes

If one day he was unfaithful to you or confessed that he was interested in someone else, you imagine (illusively) that one day he will return and tell you that it was a serious mistake to have separated from your side. While you continue to love him, he is surely already having a good time with another. Put your feet on the ground and look ahead.

3. You imagine that one day, magically, it will change!

When there are attitudes in his character that frustrate you (he is not loving you, he does not tell you about his problems, etc.), you imagine the scene in which one day all this happens as if by magic. Hey, don’t get your hopes up! When you met him he was already like that and you accepted him that way.

4. He will tell you that you are the woman of his life

Deep inside you know that he doesn’t see you as a serious relationship, but you keep the hope and expectation that at some point he will reflect and realize that the perfect woman to accompany him is you. That will not happen!

5. Have a happy home and family

Many women imagine themselves being housewives and taking care of the family he formed with him. There are times when that man has clearly told you that he is not interested in any of this right now, but you hold on to the fact that it will happen.

6. Do you think that everything will be formalized between you

You know perfectly well that this is a relationship of “friends with rights”: they see each other, they go out, they have a good time, but for him there are no feelings of courtship or couple involved; however, you hope that that will change and become “honey on flakes.” It’s just your imagination, put a brake on it!

7. You think it will give you the time you need

If he is a busy man and does not have much free time to share, what makes you think that later on he will make a space in his agenda to attend you? The more you grow, the more responsibilities you have and the less free time you get.

8. You feel indispensable to him

You think that if you leave him, he will die of love and that is why you continue with him! He is not looking for a mom, nor is he homeless. Do not feel indispensable because even if it is hard, it is the truth, nobody is indispensable!

The best thing you can do in this pitiful situation is to become aware of the situation and act accordingly. Remember that you are worth for being yourself not for who is with you.

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