8 Ways Women Make Their Husbands Feel Worthless

Be careful with this women, even if they think that what they are doing is fine (just because he has not left yet), it is the opposite. Are you guilty of any of these 8 behaviors?

Many women like to demonstrate power within a relationship and when they find a submissive man by their side, this automatically becomes a highly toxic marriage for both of them, since generally these types of men tend to feel useless and worthless because of everything that women constantly “crush” them.

Will you be in such a relationship? So that you can discover it, here are eight resources that many women use to make their husband feel that she is someone useless. We invite you to read them and find out if you are in a marriage of this style, you will be surprised!

1 Tell you that you are going to do it wrong

“Well, try it, although you already know that you are not going to achieve it” is the type of phrases that these types of women use, why is a couple not supposed to exist to team up and support each other? But these types of women do not have the slightest faith in the person with whom they share their life.

2 Insult

Using any kind of high-sounding word to refer to them is something that makes anyone feel bad, “you’re a ….” They generally use it when they’re “scolding” their husbands, isn’t that man supposed to have already had a mother? who raised him? Well, they love to use this type of vocabulary.

3 compares you to other people

“I wish you were like Liliana’s husband, he does know how to change a tire” when a tire on his car went flat. And it is that everyone equally hates comparisons. Something that any woman must understand is that the man she is with is unique and learn to love those capabilities that he has without comparing him to anyone else.

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4 There is “flight” pointing out your mistakes

When you ask their opinion about something, they focus most of the time on marking the things that you did incorrectly or that you simply overlooked, when they do this, they feel a kind of internal joy. Be careful, you asked her for an opinion, not that she was your judge.

5 They constantly apply the “I told you so”

If at some point they warned you about the consequences of something and that is exactly what happened, then they are happy that they will be able to apply the classic “I told you so” to make you feel that what you did was perfectly wrong.

6 He talks bad about you to everyone!

When someone asks her how she is, she does not pay the least attention to saying that she is wrong, but it is not because she wants to, but because of you. And of course she takes the opportunity to “unload” by telling the whole world how bad you are and how bad her marriage is, they exaggerate as much as they can.

7 He asks you for impossible things

A couple must know your capabilities and limitations in order to know what you can do and what you cannot do. Well, women who like to make their husbands feel useless ask for things that they know in advance will not be able to be fulfilled, this, to later point it out and make them feel like a failure.

8 You disrespect yourself in front of others

“He is a man, not like you” is one of the phrases she says when they go on the street and see some other man who calls her attention. This is already an abuse at all costs, but although it seems very extreme, there are men who endure it and live with it!

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