8 Types Of Toxic Friends You Should Banish From Your Life Immediately

Do you like to have many friends? what you are going to read is going to interest you a lot.

Speaking of friendship in the world there are 2 types of people; those who feel a special pleasure to go alone around the world and consider that the members of their family are their best and only friends, and those who feel happy to have many friends of all kinds.

Those in the second group have friends for everything: partygoers, complainers, best friends, those who hang out and those who always look for you when they need you and those who haven’t seen you for years but still consider your family, in Finally, there are friends of all kinds, even those who should not be around. Regarding that, below you will find 8 types of toxic friends that you MUST banish from your life immediately.

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1. The one who only remembers you when he needs you

If it has been more than 2 months since the last time you saw each other, but you knew that he was always connected to the chat, you greeted him but he never responded, and now he deigns to speak to you again, it turns out that he needs you to do him a favor, you know immediately that last time I also spoke to you because – what a coincidence – I also needed you.

That has happened so many times that you know that every time he talks to you it is because he wants something. Next time – there is always one – you can tell him: “I was surprised you didn’t talk to me in 3 months, what do you need now?” Tell him you can’t and he will surely never look for you again.

2. Those who envy you

They are those that apparently all your achievements make him happy; however, you instinctively know from his gesture or tone of voice that something “doesn’t add up”, that he didn’t like much that you had gotten that job or that you are dating that person, and somehow he will seek to “trip you up”, yes, without you noticing.

It won’t be long until you realize their feelings. The best thing is that you stay away because there will not be something that you can achieve that that person does not want for themselves and will do the impossible to make you lose it.

3. The ones that make you feel bad

If you eat that extra cake, you combine your clothes wrong from time to time, if that problem you have makes you cry day and night, this person only judges you and makes you see how wrong you are almost always but does not offer you support or help , he just criticizes you constantly. It is good that a friend makes you see your failures but with affection and mercy.

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4. The one whose problems are always bigger than those of others

Everyone has problems, however, for this friend his are always more serious, more painful and more important than those of the rest of humanity. He also complains constantly and when you go to tell him one of yours he jumps with the expression: “that’s nothing, look at me that such a thing happened to me …” and he waters to tell the story.

They are not bad friends at all, but they demand a lot of attention and you end up getting tired of their negative attitude towards life.

5. The interested party

For this type of friend, you only exist when she needs you to take her somewhere in your car, so that you can lend her that dress that you have not released yet but she does not care because “you are her friend and friends lend themselves everything” and she needs it to go out with your friend. You do not need such a person in your life, better alone than in bad company and without being used.

6. Those who move you

If it has happened to you that you are with that person but someone else comes to the group and little by little you notice that they are taking you out of the conversation, or that they are going to sit somewhere and do not invite you or take you out with a: «we will talk later ». These types of people despise you and under no circumstances do they deserve your friendship.

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7. Those who only look for you when you are single

It is possible that you have had that friend who goes up in smoke when she has an affective relationship, but when it ends she reappears in your life as if nothing had happened, or when she found out that you have a boyfriend, she stops including you in her “friend plans ». Bad thing, because the fact of having an affective relationship should not cancel a friendship but strengthen it.

8. Those who speak ill of you

Tenacious to realize that half the world found out about what you only told that person, worse still, to realize that so and so speaks badly of you with your other friends and you just know that he did not like you as he made you think. A person of that ilk is poison to the soul, do not delay in getting away from her.

It is not bad to like having a “million friends” as Roberto Carlos says in his well-known song, just learn to choose those around you, so your life will be better, your vital energy cleaner and your future more prosperous.

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