8 Tips To Be A Better Mom

If you wonder how to be a better mother to your children, without falling into perfectionism, this article is for you.

Being a mother is a very intense experience that crosses us and makes us feel goose bumps when we see a newborn baby, especially if it is our son. Motherhood sometimes makes us feel like we are walking a tightrope, balancing on a cliff.

However, we always reach our destination! Or at least almost always. Every day, practically since we found out that we are mothers and throughout our lives, we will ask ourselves this question: How can I be a better mother? And it’s not wrong for us to do it, as long as we maintain balance and sanity. Sometimes we forget that we all make mistakes and that we seek perfection, which can lead to imbalance and make us feel very bad. Perfection does not exist, we can only try to be better every day and meet the needs of our children in the best possible way.

For this reason, there are some aspects that, in my opinion, help us to be a better mother without dying in the attempt. Here I share some of them.

1. Understand that we all make mistakes

This does not mean that we are negligent, but that we are simply human, and we will try to correct the things in which we are wrong, always with humility and forgiveness towards ourselves.

2. Trust yourself

Trust your values ​​and the capabilities you have developed. Be certain that even though being a mother is something new for you, you will be able to solve the situations you face, always in a successful way.

3. Avoid comparing yourself

Whether it’s with your neighbor, your mother, your sister, or a Facebook contact, don’t rate your efforts based on what someone else is doing. Social networks are full of images of perfect mothers, who have lost weight immediately after giving birth, who have no parenting problems and who are always smiling. Of course, because they are not real! They are a screen that always hides some conflict.

4. Don’t demand more of yourself than you can

No one was born knowing, so allow yourself to cry or feel angry. Let everything run its course giving the best of you but without wanting perfection, without pretending that things will be resolved once and for all or having the answer for everything. Unfortunately, on many occasions society demands too much of us, most of us are mothers who work outside the home and things are difficult almost all the time. The idea is to be able to relax in the middle of the storms, take a break and give the best of yourself, which you will not achieve if you are measuring or judging yourself at every moment. Doing so will end up nullifying yourself, so better acknowledge all that you have accomplished so far.

6. Always ask and observe your children

One piece of advice from my mother was always: “Think of your children’s needs, as if they were your own.” For example: are you cold, hungry, sleepy? Maybe your little ones too, so watch them and talk with them.

7. Appreciate everyday achievements

The daily advances in relation to raising your children, even if they seem small to you, they never are. Even when you feel like you are advancing at an ant pace, never minimize your achievements and theirs.

8. Make time for yourself

Even if you feel that it is something impossible, try to have time to rest, take a breath and recharge. Don’t feel guilty about it, you deserve it and you need it, listen to your body. Learn to be a good mother and shine as a woman, if you love yourself and respect your rest times, especially when your children are babies or small children, you will see that it is easier for you to feel what your child needs on the surface. in every moment.

Sometimes in the eyes of others we tend to believe that we are wrong, however, we must trust our instincts, our hunches and also our logic. The moment we forget about others, the outside and what they will say, we can focus on doing our job in the best possible way. In many cases there are no rules, but we must resolve moment by moment what is presented and learn along the way.

As it is commonly said: although children come with bread under their arms, they do not come with an instruction manual. We can appeal for advice, seek professional help or read books on the subject, but ultimately, we are the ones who must make the decisions, so we must be sure of ourselves.

To finish, there is an anonymous phrase that says: “The wind and the waves always go in favor of those who know how to navigate”, and knowing how to navigate in this case means being able to trust ourselves, accept problems as challenges and know that we will succeed. port. Without a doubt, this will happen as long as we become aware that we have the strength to get ahead and always be a better mom.

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