8 Things You Have To Talk (and Do) As A Couple Before The Birth Of Your Baby

If no detail is left to chance, the organization of the new life will be much better

When a couple expects a baby, the feelings that invade them are wonderful, although there may also be some doubts, concerns and fears. And while choosing the name of the boy or girl, the godmother or godfather and the color of the room, there are other very important things that must be discussed before the arrival of the child.

Although you have taken all your precautions and you think you have absolutely everything ready, the truth is that there are things that will appear “on the fly” and others that you will find that you did not even know how they would feel. In fact, being a parent is a path that is made by walking. And beyond that they have talked about many things to be able to prepare for contingencies, the truth is that there are other things that should be anticipated, such as the personal time of both parents, the visit of friends, or who will cook the first days.

The arrival of a baby at home implies great changes. I still have the vivid feeling of the day I came home with my daughter in my arms and I felt so weird that I didn’t know what to do. I sat in the chair with my baby in my arms and said “now what?” That feeling did not last long, because then the maternity maelstrom broke through, and I instinctively knew what to do.

There are certain things that should be discussed, or done, before the baby comes home. Pay attention to the following list :

Division of labour

Have you talked about who will wash the dishes, or who will walk the dog, or who will do the shopping? All these things should be discussed beforehand if you do not want to generate resentment and misgivings. When tasks are not delegated correctly it can lead to lawsuits that later lead to bigger problems. If it is the husband who goes out to work during the week, they can agree that he is the one who gets up at night to feed the baby if they give him a bottle) or to cradle him to sleep, etc.

Furniture for the room

Although they have already decided that the baby sleeps with the parents in the same room for the first months, it is necessary to have the furniture ready for the baby’s room so that, when the time comes to want to move it to their room, they will not find everything for do. Believe me, it is easier to do it before it is born; later there will be sleepless nights and fatigue to make up.

Learn to position the child seat

It is not a good idea to go hand-to-hand with the car seat the same day you leave the hospital. It is necessary to evaluate in advance which chair will be bought for the baby and for both of you to learn how to properly place it in the back seat of the car. Seek advice from experienced parents if necessary.

Paint what you have to paint

Many parents put off painting and remodeling the nursery or any room in the house for later, however, you don’t want to expose the baby to paint odors. Paint and remodel everything before the baby arrives, and then you will have more time to enjoy your child.

Decide on the diaper system

Most parents use disposable diapers, however in recent years reusable cloth diapers are in fashion, due to a more environmentally friendly relationship and family economy. Talk about which system to choose and make a diaper supply so you will have enough when the baby is born.

Cook and freeze

Baby’s first month is full of setbacks, so it’s a good idea to pre-cook and place prepared food in the freezer or freezer. Thus, no one will have to worry or waste time with food. It is a great decision that will benefit the whole family.

Set visits

They can set a family visitation regime so that, during the baby’s first month of life, no unexpected visits are received. Babies take time to adjust to a sleep routine, so it is essential that both the baby and their parents are calm during that time. Decide on specific times and days for better organization.

Thorough cleaning before birth

Extreme cleaning will not be anyone’s priority in the baby’s first weeks, so a good decision will be to thoroughly clean the entire house before birth, and then have to do a simple review of the most traveled and used places of the house.

Everything that can be discussed and done beforehand will serve for a better organization and thus, a better quality of life after the arrival of the new member of the family. And you, what other advice would you add to this list?

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