8 Things Women Do That Are Repulsive To Men

Some attitudes that women have can be repulsive to some men, causing them to lose interest, withdraw or worse, the relationship to fail. Find out what they are and avoid doing them.

All women are beautiful, beautiful, delicate and fantastic. The ideal complement for men! Each of us has our own personality, we think and behave in different ways depending on the education, culture and customs that parents taught us from childhood.

But always, there will be characteristics or patterns that many women perform despite being different; these are sometimes repulsive for some men, who without realizing it by constantly doing them, we can alienate the loved one or simply create unnecessary conflicts.

What are these things that come to annoy men?

1. Tardiness

Honestly, lateness is learned from home, parents are the ones who instill that great value from childhood. Some women are branded by society as being unpunctual, it is classic to tell a white lie like: “I’m ready to go out”, “Under 5 minutes”, but in reality that time can be longer. When you have a love date or simply a plan to go out with your partner, it is important that you plan objectively the time it will take to get ready, so as not to make your partner wait.

Believe me that men that kind of attitude is repulsive, they don’t like to wait so long, they will always see you beautiful even if you don’t dress up. When there is love in the relationship, those things take a backseat.

2. Spend hours in front of the mirror

Vanity is a big problem for some women. If you go through a mirror it is inevitable to stop to look at yourself. This is something that men do not like and they think is repulsive, usually they spend only the morning getting ready and looking in the mirror (only once a day), so they do not understand why women do it constantly .

In doing so we not only reflect vanity, but insecurity in ourselves.

3. Change your tone of voice when speaking

Sometimes women change the tone of voice trying to imitate the inner child, when we want to be loving, sweet and childish. It can be somewhat repulsive for men, since they are with you for being a woman in the full sense of the word and not with a girl who needs to be cared for, pampered and comforted.

4. Insecurity

People who are insecure are less likely to win over their loved one. There are many factors involved that project insecurity, for example: jealousy and being possessive. It is important to work on our confidence and security to strengthen self-esteem and self-esteem.

Most men detest women who are jealous and possessive, those women who every moment are assuming that they are cheating, live in fear of losing them, in a phrase “suffer from emotional attachment.”

5. Talk too much

It is something that we cannot avoid, which is a characteristic of women, talking too much. But it can be an obstacle to communication as a couple, since they like things clear, concise and direct, without detours; they are more practical.

6. Go shopping together

It is a beautiful experience to go shopping, even if it is just to buy things for the pantry. However, it is not something that most men enjoy as much as women. Because they are more practical, they never waste time reading product labels, offers and only buy what is necessary.

Most women take their time choosing the products they want to buy, so shopping can be repulsive for men.

7. Be the mom and not the wife

Some women take on the role of the mother by wanting the partner to be happy. How many times do you not tell him to take a jacket to work? You prepare a lunch for him, you make sure that your partner dresses clean and comfortable, you remind him of all the earrings he must do during the day.

It is normal in a certain way to adopt the behavior of a mother, especially when the couple is very disorderly, distracted and forgetful; But that attitude can be repulsive to some men, because they married the woman who complements them, not the second mother who wants to educate and teach them again.

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8. Every comment the woman takes personally

It is classic for your partner to come home and start talking about situations that coworkers experience; Sometimes she can share secrets of infidelity, of children outside of marriage or it may be that when watching television she makes the comment that the actress is really pretty.

Some women take all comments very seriously and are even capable of creating false stories, fearing that they are the characters in the conversations they tell them. Insecurity causes women to have assumptions and fears, creating conflicts and arguments as a couple. Men hate that attitude so much that sometimes they reserve their talks so as not to hurt you.

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Do not stop being yourself, you must be authentic, remember that your man loves you with your defects and virtues. However, avoid behavior that can create disputes and misunderstandings. By doing this constantly, men can walk away and lose interest in the partner.

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