8 Steps To Detoxify Your Body In 3 Days

When we eat foods that are not very nutritious and high in calories, we begin to feel heavy, without energy. That’s when we need some good debugging to get back to our

Food is present in every moment of our lives. We not only eat to nourish ourselves but we also eat for pleasure. When we eat too much nutritious, high-calorie food, we begin to feel heavy, without energy, and it seems to us that the world is going too fast for our rhythm. This is when we need a good purification to give our body all the vitality it needs.

It is common for the accelerated pace of life that we lead makes our body intoxicated not only with foods that do not nourish us but also with elements of daily life to which we are accustomed but negatively affect our health, such as smog, pollution sonorous, daily stress.

We often look for a specific diet to detoxify and feel better, however we will feel positive changes when we change our lifestyle habits and incorporate other types of food and daily routines that detoxify us inside and out.

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If you want to feel good, keep in mind that there are various foods that are very favorable for our body and help us purify ourselves. In just 3 days of a resounding change in eating habits you will feel the difference.

Drink more water.

It is already known that our body is made up of 70% water. Therefore, you must always stay hydrated to maintain your vital functions at full capacity. The brain, and all the organs of your body work much better when you drink more water. To detoxify your body it is important that you drink 8 glasses or more of this precious liquid daily, thus eliminating toxins in the urine. Also drinking water is a great ally when it comes to losing weight.

Stay away from sugars.

Refined white sugar is harmful to our body if consumed in large amounts daily. If you need to detoxify your body in a few days, one of the first things you have to take off the list is sugary and processed products. Carbonated drinks, energizers, sweets, bakery products, sweetened and colored cereals, only provide empty calories and do not nourish. When you stop consuming this type of sugar you will notice it in your body, your skin will look more radiant, your digestion will improve and you will have more energy.

Add teas and infusions.

The habit of drinking a tea or infusion during the day helps us purify the body. Green tea and red tea are good purifiers due to their antioxidant component, which favors liver activity. A tea half an hour after meals will help your body to rid itself of toxins and promote digestion. When you have anxiety to eat something between meals, try making yourself a tea or infusion; In addition to a pleasant moment, you will be collaborating with your health.

Lemon breakfast.

This fruit is one of the best foods to cleanse the body. If you incorporate the daily habits of taking a glass of water with lemon on an empty stomach, you will notice its benefits in a few days. You will feel less bloated, improve your digestion and help eliminate toxins as lemon water cleanses the colon in a natural way.

Eat more fruits.

When you feel like eating something sweet go and find a fruit. Fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. When you add fruits to your breakfast instead of heavy items like bakery products, which contain lots of fat and sugar, you are helping your body feel more energetic and vital. From tomorrow, add a fruit to your breakfast and snacks and in less than a week you will notice the results.

Try whole grains.

Choose to incorporate whole grains into your diet. Its importance lies in the fact that foods rich in fiber drag toxins into the digestive tract for their total elimination.

Go for chia seeds.

Have you heard of these magical seeds? They are a great source of fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 and flush out all toxins from the body. They are excellent for those who want to lose weight and also contribute great. The protein provided by these seeds are an excellent supplement for those who follow vegan diets. To take advantage of all its benefits, you must “activate” them, that is, you must soak them the night before consumption. Place a tablespoon in a glass of water; The next morning you will notice that a jelly has formed, this is how you should consume it. Place a part in another glass and take it on an empty stomach. The rest can be stored in the refrigerator and consumed before meals. You can also add them to yogurt, salads, or soups. If you combine them with the juice of half a lemon on an empty stomach you will be giving an extraordinary combo to your body.

Breathe thoroughly.

Breathing is a reflex action. We don’t really think too much when we breathe, but if we knew the importance of correct breathing and the benefits it brings, we would be willing to breathe more consciously. Deep and slow breaths oxygenate our brain and blood, giving us calm and tranquility. Our cells are oxygenated thanks to the oxygen they receive through respiration. If we learn to breathe conscientiously, thinking while we breathe in, we will be giving our body great chances to purify itself through inhalation and exhalation. The benefit is not only on a physical level but also on a mental and spiritual level. When you must submit to a physical effort, a correct and slow inspiration and expiration for one or two minutes will help you provide the energy you need. Also, when you are involved in a conversation that could end in dispute, a slow inspiration can help you clarify your ideas. Mindful breathing frees and detoxifies.

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You can detoxify your body in a few days with the ideas proposed here, but if you incorporate them into your daily routine you can achieve great benefits in the short and long term. Never start a diet that promises to be miraculous without consulting your doctor, and remember that when your body is healthy your mind will be, too.

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