8 Signs That Your Best Friend Only Uses You And Has Two Faces

Talking one afternoon, going shopping together and leaning on life’s tough moments are constant things between friends, but it may be that one of yours is not being sincere. Discover the truth, here we tell you how.

Unfortunately, many of us sometime in life will meet a friendship that over time seeks to manipulate us, be it “double-sided”, betray us or do us a lot of harm, that is why it is very important to be able to detect a person who he uses us or is posing as our friendship to avoid hurting us.

To begin our investigation and discover the false friendships, we are going to review 8 signs and comment on them. Do we agree?

Has few friends apart from you

She finds it hard to make friends, she has few, or she tells you that only you understand her, that only you are her friend, her best friend and suddenly you have the impression that “she is your responsibility” because she is alone, nobody understands her and you are his only friend, well, at first you believe him but as I said, suddenly, you are responsible for friendship.

Another aspect is that she only wants you to be her friend and nobody else’s, yes, as well as little girls. She gets angry every time you go out with other friends and she even punishes you and you have to fix the whole situation so that she is happy.

Things don’t work that way. That person is using you.

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Many of your comments about other people are negative

Sometimes when we are with friends, we take the opportunity to “vent”, talk about everything that annoys us and sometimes we even make one or another harsh comment against whoever made us angry or dislikes us, but from there to speaking badly or constantly criticizing others, there is much difference.

If this friend speaks badly of others too often:

a) He is an unhappy person

b) He is a negative person

c) You must get away from her or you will end up becoming like her.

You are very concerned about impressing others

Some time ago I had “a friend” who without missing a beat, talked about the brand of her clothes, how much her bag had cost her and the places where she had had breakfast, lunch, dinner on the weekend and if someone did the same , she was looking to immediately demean him with comments like “the bag is good but she bought it when it was on sale” and so on.

People like this only seek to hide their inferiority by showing off and worse, by making others feel less.

Those are toxic friendships and you should stay away, when I did, you don’t know how much I rested and how much my life lightened.

Seeks to be “friends” with influencers

It is interesting what happens when you have a promotion at work, or you have to be the one who directs or coordinates something, suddenly you have many friends! And some of them are not exactly what is called “sincere” so you must be very careful that someone only looks for you to obtain their own benefits.

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Is usually envious

Envious people are initially insecure and envy is nothing more than a great misguided sadness because it recognizes in others what it would like to have or be and cannot. The envious person seeks to have “friendship” to “feel” that she is or that she has what only exists in her dreams but then when she sees reality they “betray” and “hurt” her supposed friend.

Is resentful

If ever between friends they argue or there is a problem, you overcome it, ask for forgiveness and forgive but she does not.

She manipulates you, blackmails you or worse, she uses you, or forgives you but constantly reminds you of mistakes, believe me, it is a toxic friendship that you should avoid.

Easily offended

If she feels offended with nothing and you have to do everything to make her feel better, it is a friendship that I repeat: it is toxic and it will make you sick. Having people like this around is very exhausting, it’s unfair and it’s not friendship anywhere you see it.

He talks to you only when he needs you

But when you need support, it doesn’t exist. She owes you money, she uses your things, she takes your clothes, she leaves her children with you for hours and you feed them and even dinner. You do him favors constantly but he leaves you alone as soon as you manifest that your head hurts, then it is obvious, he uses you openly.

This is the invisible threat that damages all relationships

If after reading all this, you identify with some of the points I suggest:

Be honest with yourself

and identify why you tolerate it. Do you feel guilty? Is he blackmailing you? Do you like to live like this?

Speak clearly

If the answer is no, then you have to speak it up front, the friends do it, correct, forgive and overcome it together, otherwise, you already have more clarity in knowing who your friends are.

Go ahead

No matter what happens, you will get ahead and the experience will leave you a great gift: you will be a better person, with more experience and sensitivity, therefore, the new friends that will arrive will be much better too.

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