8 Signs That Social Media Is Turning You Into An Antisocial

If suddenly you no longer go to parties and meetings with friends because you prefer to be chatting on the computer, you should read this article!

Many of us spend a lot of time on the Internet doing various things, but much of that time is spent talking on social networks, uploading photos and sharing anything that we like or seem worthy of passing on to our contacts.

Similarly, many, especially adolescents, without ruling out many adults, begin to suffer from some socialization and isolation problems. How is this possible?

Recently, Dr. Brian Primark, Director of the Center for Research in Technology, Media and Health at the University of Pittsburgh, stated that those who use social networks more tend to isolate themselves.

This has a seemingly simple explanation: people are seeing the profiles of others very frequently and are constantly comparing themselves to them, developing a wide variety of negative thoughts that deteriorate the way we relate to each other.

The electronic magazine WEbmd published a study in which, after surveying users of the most popular social networks, they discovered that on average users spend an hour a day on the networks and, those who spend more than an hour, tend to suffer more problems than the rest of the users.

If you are currently spending a lot of time on the networks, talking with friends that you do not know personally, please pay attention to these 8 signs and avoid a major problem in the future.

1. Take your time

As part of a personal exercise, take note of the number of times you access the networks and the time you spend on them. Believe me, you will be surprised to realize the time you spend and the things you stop doing because you are checking your networks because, by the way, you may be having several.

2. You participate in more than 3 networks

If it is your case of having more than three networks and in all of them you publish, chat and share and participate in groups, then you spend more time and therefore you are more exposed to seeing the publications of others.

3. You have “talks” or interactions with people that you have never seen in your life.

One of the great changes that the Internet has brought to our lives is the way we interact, in the way we make friends and communicate with other people many times thousands of miles away and that we will never see in person in our lives. .

This new way of relating to each other has resulted in us “unfolding” another personality, so to speak: on the web we often behave with appearances and lies far removed from our reality.

4. You feel better chatting from home than dating someone.

An interesting phenomenon is that many prefer to chat or have dates online a thousand times than to go to an old-fashioned one, that is: bathing, combing hair, choosing clothes, making a reservation, thinking about what movie, spending money, getting nervous and all that That implies dating someone, while doing it online, is the most comfortable because you do not have to strain at anything.

5. You frequently check the profile of your contacts

It must be said clearly: reviewing the profile of others, reviewing their photos and all their publications is not healthy; in fact some call it “stalking” someone if we are reviewing their life all day.

6. Have you felt envy, jealous of the things that your contacts have or the places where they travel?

If after “visiting” the site or profiles of your contacts you experience some unhealthy feelings, simply stop doing it, you are hurting yourself.

7. You are sad or “empty” when you close the conversation

For whatever reason or whatever you tell yourself to alleviate your feelings, if that emptiness appears, it is time to make changes, because you are already affecting yourself emotionally.

You have more than a thousand “friends”

Watch out! You can fall into the trap of believing that you have many friends and at the end of the day go to bed alone and feel an immense loneliness that can lead to really serious and serious things such as suicides … believe it or not.

Technology and networks are not bad, on the contrary! The question is – like everything – be prudent.

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