8 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Partner, Because You Will Surely Regret It

If you are in a relationship, it is best to consider these eight questions that you should never ask your partner or an ex.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had in your hands an invention that gave you all the answers to life’s questions? From the outset, it would be risky, in my opinion, because there are certainly things that one should never know, because when you find out the answers, these are not what you expect. Like someone who says: “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Not to mention applying it to affective relationships. In fact, it is very likely that given the impotence and ignorance of some aspects that intrigue you about your partner, you have wished you could read her mind and know what she was doing that weekend that she told you she was working, and that it was a lie; But you haven’t found a way to deal with it yet.

Regarding those questions that you have always wanted to ask but that you have not dared and that – let’s be honest – it is better that you never do it, a user of the Reddit website, a few days ago launched a post asking other users about what those were questions that should remain unanswered.

Because of that, I made a selection of the questions that it is best that you never ask your partner, because knowing the answer there is a very great possibility that you will regret it. Find out what they are and why below:

1. Never ask an ex this question: Why did you break up (break up) with me?

In itself, a breakup is painful enough to add more salt to the wound. For what? Forget about your masochistic side, turn the page and go on with your life, if he did not want to continue with you, he loses it.

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You keep going because it is very likely that soon that person who truly values ​​and loves you will come into your life as you deserve, and if not, then life goes on and your duty is to be happy.

The following questions will really give your current partner a headache

2. What would the ideal woman be like for you?

The perfect woman does not exist and there are always going to be traits of other women that will seem attractive to him, but that does not mean you are less attractive to him. So avoid the bad moment and that he lies to avoid a problem for his honesty or lack of it.

Keep something in mind: you may not look like a runway model, and despite that (or precisely because of that) he loves you and is with you for something; otherwise he would have cut you out of his life long ago. Never ask this question for your sanity.

3. Have you ever cheated on me?

They say that “Eyes that do not see, heart that does not feel.” In this case, in particular, what is not known is better. From the beginning, if you suspected that you were a victim of infidelity you should have listened to your sixth sense, but if at that time you preferred to turn a blind eye, then there is no reason to bring up a past deception. Delayed reactions usually do nothing more than harm you.

4. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

If you are an emotionally mature woman, this question might not cause you much harm, but if you are young, it may hurt that I tell you that you have a nice personality, but that it would be better if your nose was not so thick.

Do not seek to reaffirm yourself by the opinion of others, even if it is the love of your life; It only matters how you feel about yourself, the rest does not.

5. Do you think I’m fat?

This is terrible from every point of view. If she answers that you are thin or overweight, you will not like what you hear and they will generate many other questions that will end up making you desperate.

If you feel good about yourself or if you think you should lose or gain a little weight, do it, but it is from your perception. What matters is that you are satisfied with your appearance and she will love you if you are sure of yourself.

6. Which of my friends do you find the most attractive?

If you know that you are not going to like the answer and that you are also asking it on purpose to find out how “peeping” it is – and he knows it is a trick question – then why are you trying to make your day bitter?

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Again, if he chose you from a group of women that he surely likes and liked, why do you look for three feet when you know he has four? He thinks that he is a normal and ordinary man, that his sense of taste and his eyes have stopped working, that it is more than normal for him to look at other people and that does not mean that he is going to cheat on you with any woman he finds attractive.

7. Do you love me?

If you have been with your partner for more than a year it is not inconvenient, but if the relationship is just beginning, do not even think about it. Nobody falls in love a week after dating someone, so if you don’t want to be disappointed, better let time pass and the relationship flourish and grow stronger.

8. What did you like the most about your ex?

This is one of those questions that you ask yourself, what’s the point of asking it? For a reason, he is his ex-partner and you are the current one, so, not even the case.

Note that many questions are unnecessary. Do not seek to affirm yourself with the opinion of your partner, if she is with you it is because she loves you and there is no question that can thoroughly probe her feelings towards you. Be sure of yourself and you will be so beautiful that he can never leave you.

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