8 Powerful Decrees Of Abundance And Prosperity That Do Work

Repeat these prayers daily and activate the energy that lives within you. You have the strength and the power to change your life.

The spoken word has great power. A word spoken at the right time has the power to achieve something we seek, or destroy it entirely. When we bless our children, for example, we do not have an idea of ​​the protection we are instilling in them.

Besides the irrefutable power of the sentence To any deity, many people believe in the so-called metaphysical decrees, capable of putting all the energy of the universe to work in pursuit of a particular goal.

The infinite power of the word added to our faith can do true miracles. When we desire something from the depths of our hearts, we ask God to help us fulfill what we propose.

The metaphysical decrees work with faith, since the energy of God lives in us, but also, they are repeated daily with conviction and in a way in which we launch into the Universe our belief that our request is already granted.

Prayer is powerful and decrees too

A decree is a declaration of something that you know is going to happen. You are fully convinced of it, there is no doubt and your words repeat over and over again something that is going to happen because you know it, you intuit it and you believe in it.

When you ask something from the deity of your devotion, you ask for it in the future tense (“God help me to pass this test”, or “Little Virgin I ask you that my son does not get sick any more”). But when you decree something you are convinced that it will be a fact: “Today will be a wonderful day”, “I am worthy of all the good things and all doors open in my path.”

Yes, it is difficult and consists of a very strong internal work. But believe methe power of the word it is so powerful that if you put some of these decrees to the test you will notice how your life turns for the better.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in yourself

God endows us with the strength to face everyday challenges. He teaches us that with Faith we have opened the gates of heaven and obstacles in life. However, many times we find it difficult to believe that we are deserving of miracles and we have the feeling that we will not be able to achieve it.

Transmute your energy so that it becomes positive

Believing in yourself and using the power of the word can be as rewarding as it is surprising. I invite you to put into practice these metaphysical decrees that can change your present and your future.

It is about transmuting all our negative thoughts and removing them from our mind, putting in their place these positive decrees that invite us to build and attract the true light. Our consciousness expands as we repeat them, even more so if we make it a habit of life.

8 powerful and effective decrees

Before putting them into practice, choose a comfortable and quiet place. Close your eyes and repeat the phrase of your choice; do it 3 times a day, for at least 21 days for each decree. Believe faithfully in what you are saying and feel the positive energy flow within you.

Remember to say “thank you” 3 times when you finalize your decree. To give it more strength you can say “it is done”, also 3 times.

Decree of prosperity and abundance

“I am fortune and poverty does not fit in me, nor in mine. I am too good to suffer poverty. Abundance comes to me. I declare myself in abundance ”.

Healing decree

“God created in me a body, a perfect soul and that is why I am perfect health. I’m healthy. God created in me a healthy person, and that is why I must have life and health. That is why I ask for healing and healing for me, forever.

Decree to get what one expects

“I am that window that is always open and that nothing and no one can ever close. I am an intelligent and capable being to achieve and achieve what I propose ”.

Decree to attract love

“I declare today that true love will come into my life and I am willing, ready and prepared to welcome it with infinite joy and love.”

Decree for forgiveness

“I forgive you (say the person’s name) for all words, feelings, thoughts, and actions that you have expressed towards me. In this way I release and release you with all the love and light.

Decree for honesty

“I am honest with myself and with others. Only truth and sincerity have a place in my life. I am worthy of trust and respect for all “

Decree for peace of mind

“I am the ruling presence that precedes me wherever I go during this day, ordering perfect peace and harmony in all my activities.”

Decree to ward off bad thoughts

“I decree that all the bad thoughts that are in my mind and in my soul, are immediately released here and now with the help of God and all my angels and guides.”

With faith and conviction in yourself you will achieve it

The decrees are a very positive exercise for the soul and spirit. They help us realize the great power that resides within us and motivate us to continue nurturing our faith in God.

Repeating these decrees out loud and with great conviction can change your life forever. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; cry out, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to the one who calls, it will be opened “ (Matthew, 7: 7)

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