8 Needs Of Your Teenager That You May Not Have Known About

Happy, fulfilled and efficient young people have the following seven things. If you want to help your child have a good life, help her to have them in her life. 7 Needs Your Teen Urgently Asks For And Maybe You Didn’t Know

For more than twelve years I have been a teacher of high school (high school, institute) and university. Throughout my teaching experience I have been able to see very clearly the differences between my students who meet their goals in life: they are more sociable and happy, and those who do not perform adequately in their school goals are socially limited and in general experience Lots of suffering.

As I have observed, happy, fulfilled, and efficient students have the following seven things, which are quite necessary. Therefore, if you want to guide your child to have a good life, you must help him achieve them. Not a single one should be missing. It is not a “choose three of these” but a “if something is missing, success will be the work of chance.

1. Guide

Your child needs a lot of guidance. We like to believe that they know what they want in life and how to get it. I have scary news for you: they don’t even know what they want, much less how to achieve it. But they don’t need sermons or reprimands, they need guidance. Believe it or not, teens love how-tos, manuals, and challenges; seek together with them the guidance they need at every moment of their life. Help them find guidance in the sentimental, the moral, the academic, the vocational, and so on. They will discover what they want from life and what they have to do to achieve it. Also, they will see you as an ally and not as a hindrance.

2. Patience and discipline

Have you noticed how your child has become impatient with you? Do you notice how he is a little more prone to get angry with others? Here’s another spooky piece of news: the patience he needs the most is with himself. Yes: you need more patience for yourself. That patience is the core of consistent and consistent persistence, which is nothing but discipline. Help him to be patient with himself and his surroundings.

3. Limits

If you think that your son is already a mature and responsible grown man because since your divorce he carries your bags, goes out to pay the bills, picks up his little brother and learned to cook, you have fallen into the most selfish and self-indulgent mistake of all, but that’s not as important as that mistake puts your child in serious danger. He needs to know that he is completely free to act as long as he is within the safety fence of the rules. You must respect departure and arrival times, spending caps, show respect and deference to others and know that there will always be someone to whom you must be accountable.

4. Frustration

Believing that the best parents are those who accomplish the feat of preventing their child from facing adversity, rejection, loss, and pain. Lethal mistake. Your child needs to value the learning of when a task he put all his effort into received a low grade, as well as the pain of a love rejection, a failed project and even a punishment. I’m not saying that you hinder his life, but that many times the best way to help him will be by standing aside doing nothing, just watching and letting him know that you are aware and that you know his feelings. Promise: you will become a wise man or woman infinitely free and wise.

5. Achievements

For every hundred unsuccessful attempts there must be one achievement achieved. Young people are intense in their interests. Don’t destroy their intentions. Guide her. Help him to set small goals first, so that he can savor the honeys of those triumphs, as they grow in difficulty. This will help you develop the patience and discipline we talked about above, and it will make you more grateful to life.

6. Decision and responsibility

It’s true: we’ve been in the world longer than our children. Still, we can’t help you be responsible if all the important decisions in your life are made by us. It is simply impossible to do so. This includes choosing around the career you will study and the boyfriends you will have. Maybe the friends she hangs out with don’t seem like the right ones, but teach her that all the things she does with or without them will be her decision entirely, and that she should be responsible for everything she does. Sometimes the consequences will be very painful, they could even change his whole life, but there will also be times when you will be surprised to see how responsible he is, and you are giving your society a very valuable citizen.

7. Duties and tasks

Nothing better to develop a sense of responsibility than having fixed and changing assignments to fulfill. There is nothing more positive for a teenager than knowing that it is necessary, having the awareness that if he fails to do what he has been entrusted, things will not go well. From keeping their room clean or taking out the garbage, to working to help with the household expenses or taking care of a sick family member, all this will configure in your child a character full of love and service.

8. Love

Let me add an eighth element, which I don’t put in the numbering because it must be the basis for all the others. If you have a teenage son, you must double your share of love for him if you want to help him achieve these things. If you really love him and let go of the hunger for recognition towards you (which is not important, because it is only about appearances), then you will know that you need a lot of love to help your child fulfill and be happy.

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