8 Male Attitudes That Destroy A Wife

Your partner may be a good husband; However, there are attitudes that little by little deteriorate your marital relationship and perhaps you do not know them, discover them here.

There are opposites for all things in nature, and humans are no exception. All people throughout life develop different “ways of being.” Some are good or very good and others are or deliberately choose to be bad or evil, and that is not a novel, it is something real. Normally, a person goes from one aspect to the other depending on the situation, but it must be said that many individuals do not show themselves as they are and when they do, perhaps for the “victim”, it is too late. This situation, sometimes, also happens within marriage.

Close your eyes and remember the time when you met someone very special to you; That someone with whom you once saw yourself married, with children and in the house of your dreams until they were married for 50 years, what happened to him? Is he your husband? If not, why wasn’t it? Surely he was not your life partner because they ended by mutual agreement, because he did not want to continue or because you realized that he was not the person you were looking for and decided that “better alone than in bad company” until you fell in love again.

With that experience, you may have learned to distinguish what you want and what you don’t want done to you; Either because accepting what you do not want would hurt you or because you could not tolerate it or wanting with your whole life. In spite of the above, there are aspects that no woman could bear that his life partner did to him and here I present them.

10 terrible things some horrible husbands do to their wives

1. Screams

There is no justification for them to yell at you or for you to yell, speaking people understand each other and in case you are going through something like this, better take your distance until the storm calms down and then try to return to the subject and let them know that you are not you feel good with that attitude.

2. That you be the «invisible woman»

There is nothing more obnoxious than being deliberately ignored. Make sure that when they do, they correct their attitude. You can also choose to give him a little of his “own medicine” so that he becomes aware and knows what it feels like.

3. That your partner believes that you will always agree with him

It is very irritating. Make him see that although they share a life, a bed and a home, you still retain your ability to decide and have an opinion; therefore, your opinion is as valid as his.

4. Assume that everything that concerns the home is only your responsibility

That is something that should be clear from the beginning. A home is for two and as such the responsibilities that come with having a house and a marriage must be assumed.

5. Blame you for the disobedience of your children when he has not helped in the upbringing

It may be a painful experience but for which not only you are responsible. Educating, raising and giving love belongs to both parents, participation in the task is mutual, so avoid that from the very arrival of the children.

6. Infidelity

Much has been said on the subject, the solution is in your hands: forgive and move on, or start a new path on your own. You are the only one who chooses.

7. Lies

You discover one and surely there is more. Cut them in the bud. You know when they are cheating on you, so don’t let the situation advance and make him see that you don’t believe him, then let him take the consequences.

8. Don’t have time for you

Not everything is responsibilities when it comes to the couple and the home. It would be wonderful if each man took the time and money to finish the routine of the week and go with his wife to dance, to the movies or a little vacation every so often; That gives a break from the daily stresses and nurtures affection.

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It is possible that depending on the woman there will be aspects of her partner that she will not like. Do not forget, most of the relationship problems are solved with good disposition of both parties, talking and looking for the right of things. Persevere for change and always give your best, all in order to make your life, that of your husband and children much more pleasant.

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