8 Fun Ways To Tell Your Partner You’re Pregnant

Surprise your partner with these magnificent ideas to announce the arrival of your baby.

For a long 10 years my husband and I were looking to have a child; Between medical studies, natural teas, belly massages and alternative medicine, I finally received the news that we longed for so much.

I remember that every time I had a suspicion or my period was delayed, my husband accompanied me to the medical laboratory to do a blood test and thus confirm the news; however, for a long time we were very disappointed. My hopes and dreams of becoming a mother faded over the years.

On one occasion, I decided to visit the doctor on my own, without notifying my husband, since I was afraid that our hearts would be broken again. But this time everything was different: the doctor told me that she was finally expecting a child.

Miracles exist

Upon hearing the news I fell into tears, I did not know if it was joy, fear or absolute happiness. When I left the laboratory, I went home, the first thing I did was thank God, since he had granted me the most wonderful miracle.

Afterward, I quietly sat on the couch at home to ponder the news, and thought of some ways to tell my husband that our dreams of being parents were about to come true in a few months. I wanted to announce my pregnancy in the most original, special and wonderful way; That is why I share some ideas:

A new decoration in your living room

As the days went by, I had an ultrasound (ultrasound), to check that my pregnancy was normal. Doctors gave me the famous impression of the baby in my womb. It was then that it occurred to me to make a beautiful picture of that small photograph to hang in the living room.

I was hoping my husband would come home after work so that he could announce the big news. However, he was afraid that he would not notice the new decoration of the painting he had hung; perhaps, because he is somewhat distracted. So do other original shapes as well.

2 Surprise room

This idea is about decorating only your room with colored balloons, especially white, blue, pink and yellow; In some of them you can paste the ultrasound photograph, you can even make a sign with a cardboard and colors, announcing the great news.

Another original way where you can use the balloons is to write on each one (with markers), the news that they will be parents; You can even announce the name you want to give your child, the date of their arrival or phrases such as, “You will be an excellent dad”, “We will be parents”, and so on.

When your husband arrives you should ask him for help to inflate a few, perhaps, you can argue that you need them to decorate your neighbor’s party, when you inflate them, he will realize that the balloons have messages, when reading them he will be surprised.

3 Romantic dinner

To spoil your husband and break the big news to him, you can cook his favorite food and plan a romantic dinner; You can decorate with flowers, candles and set the place with some relaxed music. The idea is that you do not suspect anything until it is time to serve the main dish, since you will have previously added a small message, or the ultrasound photograph, or the medical results where the pregnancy is announced.

Even if you don’t want to cook, you can make a reservation at his favorite restaurant; But do not forget to ask the waiters for help so that when you enjoy the delicious dessert, they add the message written (previously by you) ” congratulations, you will be dad “.

4 Surprise shopping

All couples go shopping, so you can take advantage of the moment to announce your pregnancy. Only this time you will invite your husband to walk down the baby aisle and ask him to choose the first gift for the future baby that is to come.

5 Cake or pie

A delicious cake should never be lacking in any celebration, of course telling your husband that they will be parents is a reason to celebrate and party. So you can prepare a cake or buy it, making sure that in the cake decoration it has the news written.

6 The little shoes

One of the ways in which people interpret the arrival of a baby is with the association of the little shoes. It is not even necessary to say it in words, since the message will be totally clear. The idea is that you buy your baby’s shoes first and place them on your partner’s pillow; upon entering his room he will be surprised.

7 Pets as Messengers

Almost every family has a pet; you can use the sympathy, eloquence and sweetness of your canine or feline to announce the pregnancy. You just have to put a little sign on it with the message that you will be parents, or, “Welcome to our family _____” (the name of the future baby), or, “Congratulations, you will be an excellent dad.

8 A big family

With the help of future grandparents (your in-laws and parents) and all your loved ones, you can announce the news of your pregnancy. Make a great surprise partywith food, drink, music and cake; all with a children’s party atmosphere. You can even hire clowns, magicians and all kinds of children’s entertainment. I’m sure it will be a very emotional and fun day.

Live and enjoy the wonderful miracle of their lives! It is in your hands that this news does not go unnoticed and that it is a magical and special moment for you and your partner. Remember, it is not every day that a pregnancy is announced.

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