76-year-old Man Shoots His Brand New Wife For The Most Macho Reason In The World; Know Your Rights As A Woman

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They had been married six months ago and resided in Florida; until one day Donald Royce, of Lehigh Acres, admitted to the police that he shot his wife because they “had not consummated the marriage”, even though they had already lived together for 6 years before they got married.

#wtf is it that serious to get some at 76 ?? According to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report, Donald Royce admitted…

Posted by Shanae Hall on  Thursday, February 9, 2017

According to the New York Post, one more woman who was living at the same address heard the shot and came to see what was happening. Royce was still pointing the gun at her, but after the roommate’s pleas, he finally put down the gun and the police were called.

The second version

After confessing that he shot her for not being intimate with him for six months, he changed his story and said he was just trying to scare her. That he actually tried to shoot the mattress and not her.

According to Fox 4, the woman would have declared that everything has been a nightmare and that she never thought that her husband was capable of so much violence. She wants to pass the menage of domestic violence should never be justified.

Does a man have the right to force a woman, because she is his wife, to have sex or is it rape?

The answer is no. And it is very important that women know their rights and that they are respected. The law of the United States considers violation these 6 events that not many know about:

According to Bustle, these are the rights that most women don’t know about:

1. The right to request a change of position

During intimacy, some positions can cause physical pain. If a woman asks to change position at least once because it is painful for her and the man does not change it, it can be considered a violation.

2. When you tell them that they are hurting you, they ignore you and continue

In this case, even if you can’t tell him that he is hurting you but it is obvious that he is causing you pain, and yet he does not stop, it is also considered rape.

If your partner insists on being intimate with you after you’ve repeatedly said no

If he beats you out of fatigue, and you do it just because you fear him or because he insists and threatens you, it is rape.

If you for some reason no longer want to continue being intimate

Pain, loss of desire or whatever the reason, and when you tell him, he ignores you and continues, it is abuse.

When he has relationships with you and you are not conscious enough to respond

Whether you’ve been drinking, taking a sleeping pill, and aren’t fully aware to agree to have sex, it’s abuse too.

If you want to force or convince yourself to engage in a sexual act that you do not want

The manipulation, the insistence, the mistreatment because you do not agree to have sex with him in the way he wants or in an activity in which you do not want to participate, is rape

Do not let any man degrade your dignity, you are not an object of his belonging, you are a person who signed the same contract that he signed when he married, the same contract that implies mutual respect.

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