7 Ways To Show Gratitude To Your Husband

Looking for ways to show sincere love for your husband? Here are some ideas that are sure to win her heart.

We love our husbands because they do so much for us, and we don’t need to wait for our anniversary to show our love and gratitude for what they do. Are you having difficulty in what to say or do for your husband? Here are some ideas to help you get started on the right foot.

  • Clean something that is important to him. You don’t need to have outdated ideas. I’m not talking about the 50s when the house had to be clean and spotless, dinner had to be served on the table, you and your children had to be dressed to the nines waiting for your husband to walk through the door. No. I just mean you clean something that is meaningful to him, like his resting place or his office. I once cleaned the car and got it spotless before my husband left for work. He kept telling me how happy he made him and how grateful he was that he didn’t have to go to work with cereal spilled on the seats and sticky spots on the car cup holders.
  • Leave love notes and messages. Fill their socks with love notes. Write a cute message on the bathroom mirror. Send him a text message or an email with animations. Something that only takes a minute or two of your time can mean a lot to the man in your life.
  • Make your favorite food or dessert. We have all heard the saying “full belly, happy heart.” Well. This actually happens both ways in a marriage. I love a homemade meal made by someone else! Surprise him on a typical day with a meal that makes his mouth water. This will soften your heart and fill your stomach at the same time. It will go well for both of you.
  • Thank you. Regardless of whether you’re just taking out the trash, picking up the kids from school, or going to work from 8 to 5 every day without complaining, don’t put your husband down. Say “thank you” daily. This will show her that you notice what she does for you and your family, and that you are grateful for her contributions, no matter how big or small.
  • Ask him about his day and listen carefully. Sometimes I think women have no reservations about venting about what happened to them during the day, but men tend to hide or suppress their emotions. Take an interest in their day. Ask him how he is. Ask him about his concerns. Learn to really listen to him and to bring to light any hidden difficulties that he is hiding. Soon he will realize that you are not only his wife, but also a confidant in whom he can place his highest trust.
  • Put a candy in their lunch bag or in the fridge. My husband loves when I pick out his favorite candies and leave them somewhere for him to find. It lets him know that I think of him when I shop and I enjoy making him happy.
  • Find out what their love language is and learn to speak it. In his book The Five Love Languages , Gary Chapman describes five ways we express our love for another person. It could be through acts of service, affirmative expressions, giving gifts, caresses, or having quality time together. What makes your husband feel loved? A romantic and intimate night? Or maybe make your favorite food and watch a sports channel together? Hear words of admiration and praise? Whatever their love language, try to show your love in their language.

Dr. Chapman says about this: “We are not talking about comfort. We are talking about love. Love is something we do for another person. Very often couples love each other but cannot connect. They are sincere, but sincerity is not enough ”.

If you are not sure what your or your spouse’s love language is, consider taking this online survey.

There are countless ideas on how to make your husband feel loved and appreciated. Start doing small things today that will show your love and commitment to him and your marriage. Because at the end of the day, it really is the little details in our everyday interactions that mean the most to those we love.


Translation of the article “ 7 ways to show gratitude to your husband ” by Debbie Sibert, by Anders Peterson.

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