7 Valuable Reasons To Change Your Relationship With Your Mobile Phone

Do you spend more than seven hours a day looking at your cell phone applications? Little by little, your family has been distancing itself from you? This article will help you find the solution.

What is the most important thing you have in life? Your family? Your house, your job or your dreams? Or is it maybe your cell phone? If so, it may be that when you read the latter you have outlined a smile, since this is a subject that generates not only grace but amazement. Currently, there are many people who have cell phones that have a thousand and one services, ranging from the possibility of making calls or playing games to the large number of applications that can be downloaded via the Internet.

Thus, cell phones went from being simple machines for talking on the phone and sending text messages, to becoming the entire compilation of a person’s life. And it is that this small device, so thin and light, has the ability to save from work files to photos of children’s birthdays. It can also store a large amount of your favorite music, the games you want and serve as a radio to listen to the news.

However, this wonderful device full of surprises also has a dark side, which little by little can take away your freedom and make you a slave to a screen. In this way and without you noticing, it will steal from you what at some point you will miss and will not be able to recover: time with your family.

Therefore, I share with you some situations that you could go through, or perhaps you have already done, and that you should consider to cut the relationship with your mobile phone and recover the one you should have with your family.

1. You miss out on important things

By concentrating on your phone, you’ve been late (at best) for a family reunion or other important event. This has made you lose the opportunity to share and enjoy time with your family. It may not matter to you now, but you will regret it later.

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2. You stop seeing your loved ones

You prefer to communicate by cell phone with your parents, partner, siblings and friends rather than taking time to see them, since it is more convenient and practical for you to be online even to say good morning at breakfast time.

3. You isolate yourself

Your cell phone gradually isolates you from everything that was previously your priority. When you have finally put it aside, you discover that you have missed important events in the lives of your children and other loved ones.

4. Put your most important relationships at risk

Although it may seem exaggerated, your phone puts your marriage at risk, not only because it could tempt you to have an alternate life, but because your attention is focused on social media updates or the news of the moment.

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5. Change the way you are

It is capable of turning you into an obsessive and controlling person, to the point of wanting to know every minute what your children or your partner are doing. If they don’t respond to a call or text promptly, you could lose control thinking about the worst events in life.

6. Your family is no longer united

You will complain about the isolation your children have plunged into due to excessive use of phones, tablets, computers, televisions and headphones, even during meal times. You will not know how to stop it and worst of all, is that later you could realize that the only cause of that is you and the example you have set.

7. You become irritable

You have become irritable if you do not have your phone within reach, have left it at home or have lost it. As a result, you have a temper fit that causes you to take it out on your children or your partner, causing them to prefer to be away from you to avoid hearing you scream for no real reason.

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Think about what should be most important to you, reflect on the value of yours and what would be your life without them, because of a device less than 17 centimeters. Not everything is bad about the mobile phone, just don’t let it take control of your life.

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