7 Unattractive Behaviors, Watch Out! You Could Push Your Partner Away.

To think that the physical is much more powerful to attract the love of a person, is a serious mistake. It is the attitudes that fall madly in love. Discover unattractive behaviors and avoid them.

We all want to be attractive people even when we have our partner, to strengthen the relationship and avoid monotony and infidelities. Not only taking care of yourself physically attracts a person, but a good attitude.

Science has proven that men fall in love easily through the sense of the eyes, when seeing a woman who takes care of herself physically, who seeks her femininity, is usually more attractive in the first instance. But what if you are like that and your relationship goes straight to failure?

It may be that a bad attitude, instead of attracting your partner, is driving her away, without realizing it. Here I share a list of behaviors that you should avoid, if what you want is to conquer your partner.

1. Forget the claims

Being a person who only looks for confrontations and conflicts, alienates the couple. By human nature we all flee from danger in a conflict situation. I recommend you talk before starting a fight. Learn to control your emotions and do not explode in any situation in which you do not agree.

2. Complaints

If you just start a chat with your partner complaining about everything, why is the work so heavy? What are the children naughty? What can’t you sleep?

That attitude will alienate your partner, instead of him wanting to be with you it will alienate him from you. Even though he provides you with solutions to your problems, you don’t seem to listen to him and you keep complaining about everything.

3. Suppose

Some women are experts in assuming, it is a serious mistake not to ask the partner directly about any questions they have. “She probably likes another woman”, “she thought you were happy”, “she thought you wanted to go to the meeting.” The assumption generates many misunderstandings, avoid that communication failure and be direct when acting. That attitude is unappealing!

4. Celar

You must fully trust your partner, it is the basis of love. All jealousy, even to a lesser degree, makes people unattractive. Show yourself safe and confident in the wonderful woman you are and the partner you chose for yourself.

Remember that we are all independent and free, do not confuse love with the obsession of having your partner by your side all the time. Let it breathe and give it its space!

5. Wishing the partner to change

We can all modify some behaviors that can cause a discomfort to the couple, however, there are deeply ingrained habits and customs that are almost impossible to change, because that is how we were educated from childhood.

You do not want to change the way of being of your partner, better open the dialogue and establish limits to have a life in harmony. People who are wanting their partner to think or act the way they want all the time become less attractive.

6. Depression and sadness

Say goodbye to destructive and negative thoughts, work on your self-esteem, confidence, security and put a limit to any pain or suffering that you are experiencing in your life. A couple who are only crying in the corners, who have no illusions and goals for life, become unattractive.

Smile and enjoy the company of your partner, live quality moments and show him that you are happy.

7. Unhelpful

A proof of love is when the couple helps to lighten the burdens of responsibilities. A person who runs away from helping others becomes less attractive. If you want to conquer and attract your partner, always help her, show your availability, interest and love.

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All relationships as a couple are a bit complicated, when there are bad behaviors and attitudes, instead of attracting love, they move away, leading a relationship to failure. Don’t let it happen to you!

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