7 Things Your Kids Need The Most From You; Put Them Into Practice

Parenting is not an easy task, however, we can implement some actions so that they grow up happy.

One of the purposes that parents have is to ensure that their children grow up happy, develop in a stable family environment and be independent in the future. We are capable of doing everything possible so that our children develop high self-esteem, self-confidence and security.

However, sometimes we make some mistakes regarding the needs that children require, due to the responsibilities and obligations that adults have. Therefore, it is important to remember what they need from us. Take note:

1. Identify your needs

There are many children who walk the streets, without shoes, without eating and with all dirty clothes, even though they have parents. It is important to identify their basic needs, so that they grow up happy and healthy.

From babies we all need to feel loved, protected and cared for, so it is essential that all parents feed their children when they are hungry, cure them when they have any illness or discomfort, keep them clean and support them in emotional aspects.

2. Make them feel safe

Give them the freedom they need, without overprotecting them, but knowing that parents are there to take care of them when they need it. When they do not feel the support and protection of their parents, it can affect their health, quality of life, even their school performance.

To ensure that children have confidence in themselves, you must let them be children, investigate, know the world around them, learn from their mistakes, be risky and adventurous among other aspects.

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3. Love

Most parents do not tire of expressing their love to their children, this is something that will strengthen their confidence and self-esteem. Hugs, kisses, caresses and all physical contact, such as verbal expressions, are of great importance for them to grow up happy, knowing that they are loved and respected.

4. Quality time

It is not the same to be with the children and be focused on adult things, than to provide quality time to them. Stop doing your things and pay attention to creating unforgettable moments and experiences. It can be creating habits like reading a story, watching television, going out to play ball or riding a bike.

5. Compliments

The power of words is wonderful and dangerous when not used in the right way, words can destroy a person’s self-esteem or raise it to the maximum. Therefore, it is important that you praise your children at all times, say phrases of support, help and motivation. “You are intelligent, bold, brave, hard-working, loyal, noble” among others.

6. Listen

Children need to be listened to every time they speak, although their talks are not very interesting, they are expressions of what they are living or feeling in those moments. Respect their ideas, opinions and emotions, so that they can be happy. You will even be able to have empathy and you will strengthen affective relationships.

7. Set limits

Some parents fear setting limits for their children, for fear that they will feel bad or for thinking that it is not the right way to educate them. However, parents are an authority, therefore they must be able to set limits on their children, so that they grow up happy. With dialogue, understanding and complicity, children will learn to respect the rules.

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Remember to put all these tips into practice, so you will ensure that your children have security, trust and love for themselves and for the people around them. Enjoy to the fullest the great blessing of being a parent!

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