7 Simple Ways To Make A Man Die Of Love For You

This is what men look for in a woman to live with her forever.

With tears on her cheeks, her voice cut off and almost unable to speak, a dear friend was when she called me to tell me that the man she was in love with had finished her.

“I love you, but I’m not ready to go on with you yet!” “We must give ourselves some time”, “I want to become a father, but your goals are different” His words were cruel and hurtful, even nonsensical. So, without further ado, he turned around saying goodbye with a big hug and a kiss.

My dear friend was devastated, she couldn’t believe that the love of her life (that’s what she believed) was humiliating and hurting her. For a moment she expressed her bad luck in love, saying that she would never find the love of a good man.

Love comes without looking for it

As my grandmother used to say, “The more you look for the love of a man you will never find it” , since love comesat the least expected moment. For me, his phrase makes a lot of sense and logic, since sometimes men distance themselves from a person when they see them totally desperate, insecure and with little self-love.

However, it is also logical that love will not knock on your door, if you usually stay at home. It is about leading a normal life and knowing some simple things that will makemen die of love.

1 Take care of your aroma

Most men love women who smell good, so we tend to pay close attention when choosing a fragrance. Perfume is a melody of different combined essences, which reveals the personality, style and character of a person.

According to experts ,applying perfume increases self-esteem and favors social relationships; It makes us feel good about ourselves, but it also pleases others. When inhaling aromas, the brain recognizes and classifies them through the limbic system, which is linked to the emotional center and long-term memory; this is how memories and emotions come together.

2 Don’t fall the first time

One of the advice my father always told me is that a woman must be mysterious and must learn to let herself be desired. I mean that you have to take your time so that your partner conquers you, enjoy the gifts, the chivalry, the surprises, calls and details.

There is no rush to fall into his arms at the first change. Remember that time is up to you, since it all depends on how long they have known or been together.

3 Reflects security

A woman who projects securityIt is a magnet that attracts most men, therefore they will die of love for you. The confidence you have in yourself must be a quality that you must use to your advantage.

A confident woman gives her opinion without being afraid of being judged, she chooses the option that suits her best, she is the one that accepts her defects, virtues and controls her emotions.

4 feel happy

If you spend all day complaining about what is happening to you, you will surely drive away the first man who crosses your path. So you better be happy, smile and enjoy the good or bad things in life. When you have a positive attitude in the face of adversity, you will attract men and cause them to melt with love for you.

I’m not talking about hiding your emotions or feelings, or being a fake person; Instead, try to find the right context to express yourself in the company of your partner. For example: there will be unpleasant experiences that you will live and logically, your happiness will be zero, at the end of the day, you must show yourself strong and take out that strength that you have inside that makes you unique and special.

5 You value and acknowledge

Your priority is the well-being of your partner, he is the person with whom you are in love and you want his happiness. Therefore, valuing and recognizing the effort that your loved one makes for you increases the probability that he will die of love.

Men often take on the role of being the protector, provider, and figure of strength for women. They go out of their way for us, so we have to recognize and value them, since sometimes they often sacrifice their own well-being in order to see us happy.

6 I know always feminine

It doesn’t matter if you are a slim or stocky woman, short or tall; Your physical appearance is not important, however, the way in which you seek your femininity is what attracts men and therefore, will make them fall in love.

For example: put on makeup, comb your hair, dye your hair, paint your nails, take care of your diet and the way you speak, among other things. Remember that women appear to be delicate and fragile, but at the same time we are seductive, beautiful and attractive.

7 Loving

Affectionate, tender and attentive women are what most men look for to feel loved and special. We women usually express our feelings in an affectionate way and with demonstrations of love, which is not always about an intimate encounter, but about having details, surprises. Even something that characterizes us is that we usually remember special dates and important events.

Talking about love is subjective; now, you know how to be happy and make any man die of love for you. Remember that the most important thing is your self-love, your self-esteem, confidence and security, happiness is in yourself. Avoid looking for love, as it will come at the least expected moment.

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