7 Myths About Cancer That Everyone Must Know

Knowing the enemy is the key to defeating him. 7 Myths about cancer.

When hearing the word cancer, the most common sensations experienced are fear and uncertainty. Fear, because for the brain the word cancer is linked to death and pain, and uncertainty because, despite the different prevention campaigns that governments and social institutions carry out, most of its aspects and manifestations are unknown to many.

However, not only is there ignorance about this disease, but it often appears surrounded by myths. If knowledge is what makes us strong, then it is important to clear up some of these myths:


1. If no one in my family has had cancer, I have nothing to worry about

The National Cancer Institute in the United States (NCI, for its acronym in English), reveals that only 5 to 10 percent of cancer is caused by genetic factors. This tells us that, regardless of whether or not we have a close relative who has suffered from this disease, we must take all necessary preventive measures.

2. I don’t want to get a Pap test because people who do it always start to have problems with cancer.

I have heard this excuse from different women who have the belief that if they get tested, doctors will start to tell them that they have cancer and that, on the contrary, if they don’t, they will never face that problem. They assure that it is something that they have witnessed. However, I think that if people wait until they have any symptoms to undergo this test, it is more likely that they may have an irregular result. The best thing then is to perform the test according to the schedule indicated by the doctor and not wait for symptoms, which can make the fight against the disease more difficult.

3. If I use enough of the best sunscreen I can put any concerns aside

Using sunscreen is an excellent idea to protect ourselves from skin cancer. But it is a mistake to think that by using the product we no longer have to worry about the time we spend in the sun. As its name implies, it is a protection; the most important is to avoid unnecessary and carefree exposure to sunlight.

4. There is nothing you can do to avoid getting cancer

No one can have life insured; however, a healthy lifestyle can help us prevent cancer. Regular exercise, avoiding smoking or being around people who do; getting regular tests, having a stable intimate life, avoiding fried foods, that is, eating a healthy diet, are some ways in which we can take care not only of this disease, but of many others.

5. If I have stomach problems, I take the medications that are advertised in the media and I will no longer have problems

There are different stomach problems such as frequent stomach aches, intolerances, gastritis, colitis or reflux, which, according to the advertising, can be cured with a single magic medicine. However, these problems can be symptoms of other diseases, so only a doctor can indicate the appropriate treatment in each of the cases. A doctor should monitor diseases like these, which can become chronic, since there is a risk of colon, stomach or other similar cancers. It is repetitive, but necessary, to say that prevention is what can help us.

6. If I have been vaccinated against papilloma I no longer have to have check-ups

According to the NCI, the papilloma vaccine is very effective in preventing some types of papilloma, but not all, so medical check-ups should continue.

7. Cancer is always synonymous with death

This is one of the best myths to dispel: early detection and new scientific discoveries have made cancer possible in some cases. It is a tough fight for both the patient and his family, but more and more people with early detection of the disease, proper treatment and an attitude of faith and optimism manage to get ahead.

Cancer is a terrible disease, so it is necessary to end the myths that surround it and be able to fight it with knowledge. Timely detection and prevention are our best weapons.

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